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OK Beheading? … Must be Tea Party Christians!

Muslims are beheading Christians and others in the Middle East and northern Africa. ISIS (Muslim) beheads Western journalists and others in its domain. Muslims are now beheading people in America.

But we aren’t supposed to call it terrorism because of their religion?

Their religion is what causes them to be terrorists!


The Left obsesses over political correctness and refuses to name Islamic terrorism. But they are eager to claim right-wing terrorism wherever their myopic eyes see it.

For them, Christians and conservatives are the real enemy.

Beware: the real enemy – radical Islam – will slit the throats of liberals as eagerly as it does conservatives.

Terror Strikes America – Again!

Terrorism strikes the heartland!

Massacre in Ft. Hood, bombing at the Boston Marathon, and a beheading in Oklahoma!

As of this writing, authorities are calling the beheading of a woman in Oklahoma a case of “workplace violence.” Nonsense!


A Muslim man, shouting in Arabic as he beheads a former co-worker is not “workplace violence.” Afterwards, during a press conference, dozens of Muslims praised Allah for the attack. That was the cultural and religious milieu in which the terrorist lived.

But the local authorities deny all of the evidence pointing to terrorism by claiming there is no evidence pointing to terrorism.

Islamic Jihad in Oklahoma!

As veteran White House reporter Keith Koffler reports, “Obama’s ISIS War Comes to America.” Koffler clearly expresses the truth in bullet-point fashion:

  • SIS has been beheading Americans.
  • ISIS is targeting America and has called in the meantime for lone wolf style attacks in the West.
  • The man who the committed the brutal murder just outside Oklahoma City, Alton Nolen, had recently converted to Islam and was trying to convert others. He had the fervor of newly found faith.
  • He beheaded his victim.
  • When was the last time you ever heard of anyone in America beheading their victims?

As reported elsewhere, Muslims shouted “Praise Allah” during a press conference reporting on the gruesome beheading. His peers have obviously been radicalized as well.

Islamic terrorism expert Robert Spencer’s headline points to the source of their radicalization. “Oklahoma beheader’s mosque once led by imam of Boston jihadis’ mosque.”

The Independent Journal Review offered “33 Things We Learned About the Oklahoma Suspect: What His Hand Signal Means Will Chill You.” It offers extensive analysis of the jihadi’s Facebook pages, postings, and photographs.

Islamic jihad invaded Oklahoma, and authorities deny it.

Denying the Obvious Yet Again

Why do the authorities deny the obvious?

Political correctness? Election-year politics? Cowardice?

The Left prefers to redefine “terrorism” to mean patriotism. (See “Terrorism Redefined.”)

The Left prefers to ignore Islamic terrorists and label conservatives as terrorists. (See “’Right-Wing Terrorists’ or Muslim Jihadists.”)

The Left caters to Islam while eschewing other religions. (See “Obama’s Muslim Roots and Sympathies.”)

Terrorism by Any Other Name

We must accurately identify the problem if we are going to find a solution. The problem is radical Islam, not America. But many on the Left prefer to blame America. (See “Obama’s America – Fundamentally Flawed.”)

The problem is Islamic jihadis who want to destroy everyone and everything that does not fit into their vision of a worldwide caliphatethat is the problem.

But many on the Left insist this could be “workplace violence.” Sorry, but proper profiling requires calling it what it is – Islamic terrorism. This is profiling behavior.

Terrorism by any other name is still terrorism.

A radicalized Muslim male + shouting praises to Allah in Arabic + beheading + praised by his Muslim peers = terrorism.

Enabling Terror

Having denied throughout his political career the existence of Islamic terrorism – and even now denying that we are at war with it – President Obama began his administration in outreach to Muslims (even tasking NASA with that as its primary mission) and launched a never-ending American apology tour to the Middle East and the rest of the world.

(Obama even compared the Ferguson police with ISIS!)

Obama has continually targeted Muslims for recruitment into his administration (Christians need not apply), has Muslim radicals as his advisors, and has politicized Homeland Security and the military to purge them of “Islamophobia” – a fear of Islam that has suddenly become all too real to most Americans.

Obama continues to believe we can achieve peaceful co-existence with an enemy who wants to destroy us. (See “Let’s Talk ISIS Into Peace.”)

Obama has done nothing to stop the radicalization of Americans and immigrants (legal and illegal) and everything to enable it.

Thank you, Mr. President, for making America weaker and less safe than it has been in decades. Yet you claim that America has never been safer! (See “Obama: America is Stronger Than Ever.”)

Terror strikes the heartland, and we owe it all to you, Barack.

Let’s Talk ISIS Into Peace

Islamic jihadists have reshaped Mideast geography by force, created their own Islamic Nation, beheaded foreigners and fellow Muslims, and vow to create a worldwide caliphate prescribing sharia law to serve their god: Allah.

Still, some people deny they are Islamic. Others deny they even pose a threat. Some think we can negotiate with them.

(Those three groups intersect in the White House.)

It can never be said that the Obama administration has a firm grasp on reality with regards to foreign policy. Jimmy Carter may have given us the Iranian Hostage Crisis, but under Obama, as Kissinger observes, “The World is in Flames.”


ISIS is NOT a Civil Rights Group

One otherwise intelligent person wrote:

“The only way to justify using U.S. military force to suppress fundamentalists is for the U.S. to lead a global coalition to substantially alleviate the oppressive conditions of daily life in the regions in which fundamentalists find a measure of popular respect (for standing up to local regimes that collaborate with oil conglomerates and financial corporations). But that would require the U.S. government to renounce its own alliance with big oil and the big banks. Don’t see that coming. Therefore, U.S. applications of force will be unsuccessful and will only give rise to another cycle of violence.”

The “cycle of violence” this writer refers to is not perpetuated by big oil or big banks. Indeed, it precedes big oil and big banks. It’s historical roots extend back to the founder of Islam.

(Let’s blame America anyway!)

ISIS is not a civil rights group.

ISIS has become such a feared monster because of a power vacuum created by President Obama. Its stated raison d’être is to create a worldwide caliphate. ISIS is not interested in waging peace, creating income equality, alleviating poverty, and the like. ISIS’s only concern is to achieve global domination, kill infidels, and enforce sharia upon the entire world.

Blame the terrorists, not us!

They attack us not because of anything we’ve done but because of who they are!

Weapons, Not Words

Weapons, not words, are the only way to stop them!

Diplomacy with terrorists is literally an oxymoron. People who cavalierly behead other people are not rational and cannot be reasoned with.

Words cannot dissuade them.

Appeasement only emboldens them.

They are an implacable foe undeterred by appeals for peace, human rights, equality, or any of U.N. buzzwords employed by the Left.

ISIS is evil, with evil brutes committing evil atrocities and rejoicing in their evil.

Contrary to the pacifist Left, war is sometimes the answer, and, with ISIS, it is the only answer.

Defending One Joe Biden “Gaffe”

Even Republicans Join the Word Police

Joe Biden – first as Senator, then as Vice President – continually makes gaffes. Many are irrational or insensitive. Often, they fall into some politically-incorrect faux paux category.

Recently, Biden used the word “Orient” to correctly identify a geographical area.

The Word Police piled on. And so did the RNC.


“Orient” – Insensitive?

In complementing someone he met, Biden said, “You know, on the way back from Mumbai to go meet with President Xi in China, I stopped in Singapore to meet with a guy named Lee Kuan Yew, who most foreign policy experts around the world say is the wisest man in the Orient.”

According to ABC News, “The word ‘Orient’ is considered widely outdated and could be perceived as offensive, or insensitive, especially when used in reference to people.”

The RNC blustered: “Vice President Joe Biden’s insensitive remarks are offensive to both Asian-Americans and our Asian allies abroad.”

But why is it insensitive?

The dictionary says “Orient” and “Oriental” – used in the way Biden used it – is archaic.

The primary meaning for “orient” is “to cause to face or point toward the east.” This is geography. The Orient is east of the Western nations. Japan itself is called “the land of the rising sun.”

(Do we now stop calling the “West” the “West?”)

Oriental is also a picturesque, not pejorative, term which conjures up positive images. A few years ago, some Scottish friends took a trip on the Orient Express, having a wonderful time.) Moreover, people often eat at oriental restaurants (and will use the generic term “oriental” if unsure of the specific cuisine the group might like: Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc.

“Occidental” – NOT Insensitive?

The Western counterpart for “Oriental” is “Occidental,” which, wouldn’t you know, refers to western nations and peoples. Just as “orient” derives from the rising sun, “occident” derives from the setting sun. “Occidental’s” primary meaning is “a member of one of the occidental peoples; especially: a person of European ancestry.”

However, “Occidental” is not archaic.


Orient/Oriental – referring to “Eastern” (Asia) (rising sun) – is both archaic and insensitive.

Occident/Occidental – referring to “Western” (Europe) (setting sun) – is neither archaic nor insensitive.

In our multiculturalistic world, some cultures are more equal than others. One can denigrate the West with impunity. But using a descriptive geographic term – one which has been accurately used for ages – to identify the East has become repulsive to some.

We can blame that on the Sixties’ counterculturalists and their intellectual progeny who insist on cultural equivalence between cultures, in theory, yet exalt all other cultures above Western culture, in practice.

Perhaps the Word Police should ban all words related to “orient,” lest we offend anyone else. Every school and workplace should have orientation classes for new students or employees. Oh, that’s right, they already do.

Perhaps the Word Police themselves are disoriented.

Could Ray Rice Get Away With Murder?

Ravens star Ray Rice infamously knocked out his fiancée in an elevator – video at 11, and 12, and 1 – yet his fiancée-turned-wife, fans, and colleagues are almost united in their support of him.

Have we as a society lost all sense of proportion in our priorities? Have we lost the ability to be outraged, and then hold the actual culprit responsible for his personal behavior? Does anything go – for fun and profit – as long as it’s our fun and our profit?

One female fan offered a justification for those many fans supporting Rice: “I wear the jersey in support of Ray Rice. I don’t believe in abuse, but she struck him first, and any woman who can hit a man can be hit back.”


Surely this fan knows how big and powerful Ray Rice is. But now he’s the victim?

Even after seeing the sickening video of Rice knockout punching his fiancée, people rush to support Rice.

Indeed, all of the media scrutiny now is being focused on the NFL Commissioner and what he knew and when he knew it. Amidst the media circus is the utterly undeniable fact that Ray Rice committed a felony: aggravated assault (with a deadly weapon). His body is a deadly weapon.

So, why did the NFL protect him for so long? Why did the Ravens initially shift the blame to his fiancée? Why do the Ravens still defend him? What about so many of his fans? Or those in the media?

Financially Invested

Obviously, the NFL and the Ravens want to avoid bad publicity and protect their financial investment. Given that Rice is a pretty hot property, losing him could cripple the team. They want to win.

Rice’s teammates don’t want to lose such a valuable asset. Besides, teammates and drinking buddies stick together. Moreover, they don’t want someone else’s secrets to be exposed.

Emotionally Invested

Family, friends, and fans are emotionally-invested in Ray Rice. They micro-analyze every play, memorize every stat, celebrate every victory.

They don’t want to believe the unbelievable – even after seeing the dramatic video of a young man cold-cocking a young woman and nonchalantly dragging her out of an elevator as if it were a normal event.

Some don’t want to believe the worst of their hero.

Some don’t want their team to lose a valuable player and perhaps lose the season.

Some, with both an emotional and financial investment in Rice, don’t want to lose a revenue source.

Some don’t want to admit they were wrong about him.

Despite all the evidence, many will refuse to hold him accountable or they will seek to diminish the significance of what he did.

Celebrity Politics

Some have suggested that the reason so many people are taking Rice’s side over that of his fiancée is that our culture is dominated by sexism and that men get the natural advantage.

It is certainly true that in many cases of spousal abuse, the (usually) female victim is not believed – even by family and friends – because the abuser seems so likeable and such a nice person. Even charmers can be snakes.

But in some situations, perceptions fall prey to power, politics, and money.

In situations between celebrities and non-celebrities, most people are prone to believe the celebrity and question the veracity of the non-celebrity.

Rice was constantly on television, consistently shown in a positive light, a hero on the football field, a fan favorite. Rice was also a money-maker: for the league, for the team, and for his family and friends.

If the reverse were true – if Rice’s fiancée had the wealth, power, prestige, fame, and fans – many would believe whatever she claimed, without any evidence whatsoever, merely because she said it was so.

In our celebrity culture, where entertainment reigns and where entertainment becomes reality itself, people often lose perspective and fail to see the truth when it is right before their eyes.

Almost two decades ago, O.J. Simpson got away with murder. Could Ray Rice do so today?

Reflections on 9/11

Some things you never forget.

I was working two blocks north of the White House when the Twin Towers were hit. From our building, we could see the Pentagon off in the distance. In the space of 51 minutes, three American jetliners were used as assault weapons of mass destruction against America.

When our receptionist mentioned hearing of the first plane crash, none of us recognized its seriousness or import. The sheer scope of what we would come to learn was a coordinated terrorist attack was unimaginable. The second tower was struck. Then the Pentagon was hit.


We soon discovered 9/11 to be another day of infamy.

D.C. Evacuated

As events unfolded, the Capitol was evacuated and all flights over the continental U.S. were grounded.

Evacuation. Everyone was on the road. Traffic crawled. Emergency vehicles growled. It was a surreal experience. A beautiful, sunny day. Driving at one-mile-an-hour. Everyone was polite. No honking. Drivers yielded to one another. A measure of peace on earth in the midst of tragedy.


The worst of events can often bring out the best in people. The one person who died on 9/11 that I personally knew was Barbara Olson. You may recall that she phoned her husband during the flight to tell him what was happening.

I met Barbara at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) in 2001, where she granted me a brief interview. She was as gracious in person as on TV.

At CPAC the following year, I was blessed to meet one of the New York fire-fighters who rescued so many victims on 9/11. His story is but one of countless examples of heroism for the rest of us.

Seeing Ground Zero

Just weeks before 9/11, I attended a church leadership weekend in New York City. During that conference, I enjoyed the city skyline and saw the Twin Towers on the horizon, never imagining their imminent demise.

A couple of years after 9/11, our church took a bus to participate in a worship service with the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. On the return trip, we drove past Ground Zero, with its immense gutted landscape. So much devastation. So much loss.

It is very sobering to see what a few fanatical terrorists can do.

Courage on United Flight 93

My wife and I went up to Pennsylvania a couple of times to see the United Flight 93 memorial. The solitude of that pastoral setting in the middle of a large field fittingly enhanced the meditative nature of the memorial, which was relatively modest when we visited. A large cross-section of America paid its respects at each of our visits.




The resolve of the American people, especially when humbly beseeching the providence of God, is astonishing.

Let us all remember 9/11 and seek God’s salvation as we seek His will in our lives.

God bless!

Obama’s Muslim Roots and Sympathies

Is Barack Hussein Obama a Muslim? Or does he merely sympathize with adherents of that faith?

Why has Obama initiated a plethora of outreach programs to the Muslim community, defending Islam at every turn, but turned his back on Christians and Jews?

How have Obama’s political and religious beliefs informed his public policy decisions and how have they determined his course of action in the war on terror which he denies exists?


Middle East expert Daniel Pipes has begun a five-part series examining Obama’s Muslim connections. Also a must read, author David Horowitz offers a detailed examination of Obama’s Islamic ties and interests on his website.

Obama Insists ISIS is not Islamic

Utterly denying self-evident truths, Obama insists that ISIS is not an Islamic organization. Just as Obama denied the existence of a war on terror (banning that term for most of his presidency), Obama continues to uphold Islam as a religion of peace – a religion integral to America’s very existence.

Theodore Shoebat explains how Obama’s claims contradict the truth (see also the graphic below).


Murphy Donovan highlights the rise in Islamic jihadism in the wake of Obama’s refusal to admit its existence.

Obama on Islam

Now The End Begins posted twenty quotes of Obama praising Islam. Though all of them are enlightening, following are a few of my favorites. They show Obama’s love of Islam and desire to portray it as always sharing the American experience. (He is right, of course, if he’s referring to the Barbary Pirates.)

Obama and Islam 1

#3 “We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world – including in my own country.”

#4 “As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam.”

#6 “Islam has always been part of America”

#10 “I made clear that America is not – and never will be – at war with Islam.”

#11 “Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism – it is an important part of promoting peace.”

#12 “So I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed”

#18 “We’ve seen those results in generations of Muslim immigrants – farmers and factory workers, helping to lay the railroads and build our cities, the Muslim innovators who helped build some of our highest skyscrapers and who helped unlock the secrets of our universe.”

#20 “I also know that Islam has always been a part of America’s story.”

The People’s Cube humorously combats Obama’s claim that Islam built America.

Obama’s War … on Global Warming!

The Obama administration refuses to “label” our ISIS conflict a “war” just as it refuses to call Putin’s invasion of the Ukraine an “invasion.” The world is threatened not by Islamic jihadists but by a “global network of extremists.” But “extremists” – in Obama’s lexicon – are Tea Party members.

Obama claims Republicans are waging a “war on women” while his colleagues admit to waging a “war on coal.” James Carville’s 1990s “war room” permeates the entire federal government.

But Obama refuses to fight America’s actual enemies (not just enemies of his state).

Finally, Obama has declared war – on global warming!


Patrick J. Michaels of the Cato Institute writes, “The fact of the matter is that Mr. Obama is obsessed with climate change, even as the voters of this country, who speak through their legislatures, most assuredly are not.”

As a consequence, Obama’s infamous “war on coal” (not terrorists) continues unabated.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asserts, “Climate change is the most consequential, urgent, sweeping collection of challenges we face (9/4/14).”

Even more so than ISIS? Many far left environmental zealots concur with Clinton’s assessment.

Current Secretary of State John Kerry certainly agrees. Even as the world was becoming engulfed in flames and ISIS was gaining strength, Kerry claimed, “The bottom line is this: it is the same thing with climate change. In a sense, climate change can now be considered another weapon of mass destruction, perhaps even the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction (2/16/14).”

Global warming = weapon of mass destruction?

Employing apocalyptic language to induce fear is a common Orwellian strategy used by Obama, Clinton, Kerry, and the reigning godfather of Chicken Little fear-mongering – Al Gore.

Just last week, with the beheadings of two American journalists fresh in our minds, Kerry quoted Scripture to urge Americans to join with Muslims to combat our common foe: global warming. Kerry said, “Confronting climate change is, in the long run, one of the greatest challenges that we face, and you can see this duty or responsibility laid down in scriptures, clearly, beginning in Genesis (9/3/14).”

It sounds like Kerry and Clinton shared notes.

But science is not on their side. The American people have little concern over the apocalyptic doom-saying prophesied by the likes of Kerry and Clinton. But Americans are concerned about the extravagant measures being taken to solve an environmental myth, and they are even more concerned about the real enemies threatening and attacking America.

Instead of placating your environmentalist base (thereby squandering are dwindling resources and distracting us from our real enemies), Mr. President, why not put the needs of America first? America first! What a concept!

Update: Since publishing this column, almost daily reports in the media demonstrate the fraudulent nature of the global warming myth, even as the Obama White House escalates its promotion of that hoax. But the global warming deniers – those Obama calls unpatriotic and others want put in jail – are being proven right every day.

Need a Strategy? Learn from the Experts!

Last week, President Obama placed a Wanted Ad through the international media.

WANTED: A Strategy!


This essay addresses proven models for success.

Islamic jihadists have targeted the United States for destruction since the 1970s. Al-Qaeda shocked America on 9/11 – a wakeup call to the world. George W. Bush listened and responded.

Barack Hussein Obama denied the existential terrorist threat, relinquished victories gained in the “war on terror” (the war that dare not even be named) and nurtured the growth of Al-Qaeda’s offspring: ISIS.

ISIS is a product of Obama’s policies.

ISIS is a terrorist nation state with imperialist designs, one which seeks a worldwide caliphate and the destruction of all in its path. Including (especially) the United States.

But just yesterday, the State Department refused to admit the self-evident truth that we are at war.

Obama lives in a fantasy world where he believes that America is stronger than ever. He holds America in such low esteem and so highly regards the rest of the world that he swapped five terrorist leaders for one deserter.

Clearly, this man’s view of the world and of America’s place in that world differs markedly from most Americans. But Obama didn’t ask for a new worldview, he asked for a strategy.

WANTED: A Strategy!

Let’s give Obama a strategy.

Overwhelming Force

Gen. Colin Powell was a hero in the first Gulf War which was decisively won by using overwhelming force to win. (Powell’s failure to actually remove Hussein when he had the chance paved the way for future hostilities.)

The typical mantra from the far left demands “proportional response.” If you’re going to fight, fight to win. Do you recall that memorable Sean Connery line in the Untouchables? About bringing a knife to a gunfight?

Perhaps you were looking for something more nuanced?

Look to Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron has begun taking decisive action against the existential threat posed by ISIS.

First, Cameron recognized the threat facing his people (and civilization itself), clearing identifying it as “Islamist extremism.”

Second, Cameron has warned the public, raising the threat level to “severe.”

Third, Cameron announced that military action is an option (in contrast to the White House, which likes to announce what is not on the table), preparing his citizens for a potentially long conflict (as Churchill did prior to and during World War II).

Fourth, Cameron increased border security by tightening control over passports to ensure ISIS fighters cannot return to the U.K.

Fifth, Cameron tightened and improved existing anti-terrorism measures.

Look to Bibi

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been combating terrorists longer than Millennials have been alive. Indeed, Israel has been fighting for its survival from the day of its birth.

Israelis live under the threat of terrorist attacks on a daily basis. They know they are in a war and that their enemies pose an existential threat.

As part of his comprehensive strategy, Netanyahu has secured the border. By doing so, the enemy is deprived of one means of invading Israel and logistical lines of support are thwarted.

Although ever willing to live in peace with its neighbors, Israel forcefully defends itself against aggression, militarily when warranted. Netanyahu knows that appeasement never works.

Netanyahu – using every form of media available to himclearly articulates his strategy, explaining the threats his nation faces and why he is responding as he does. Netanyahu effectively expresses his views and counters the propaganda of his enemies.

It would behoove President Obama to emulate the attitudes and actions of Cameron and Netanyahu, but before he can do that he must take the terrorist threat seriously. That will require a paradigm shift in his thinking, something which, I suspect, he does not have the courage to contemplate.

Update: In a joint press conference (1/16/15), David Cameron and Barack Obama displayed a dramatic divergence of views regarding the recent Islamic terrorist attack in Paris and the threat posed by Islamic jihad worldwide.

As reported by the Daily Mail, “Obama pointedly refused to call ISIS terrorists Muslims” while “Cameron warned of a global ‘Islamist extremist terrorist threat,’ condemning the perversion of Islam in the strongest possible terms three times and using the word ‘poisonous’ to describe the radicalized ideology five times.”

“Obama would not refer to the religion of ISIS militants during the White House news conference but at one point called them ‘fanatics.’”

Cameron spoke with passionate zeal, saying “The world is sickened by this terrorism,” and denouncing “this poisonous, radical death cult of a narrative.”

Cameron added, “We face a poisonous and fanatical ideology that wants to pervert one of the world’s major religions, Islam, and create conflict, terror and death.” He expressly warned of the global existential threat posed by Islamic jihad: “We do face a very serious Islamist extremist terrorist threat in Europe, in America, across the world. And we have to be incredibly vigilant in terms of that threat.”

In contrast, Obama spoke with measured caution, almost disinterested in the subject at hand, refusing to admit the religious nature of these terrorist attacks.

Jimmy Carter’s “Principles of Allah”

Jimmy Carter, a third-generation Southern Baptist who has renounced his membership in that denomination, recently spoke at the annual convention for the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) calling upon all Americans to “use the principles of Allah to bring peace and justice to all.”


I guess I missed that part in the Bible where Jesus said we are to look to other gods for counsel. (Judeo-Christian principles and culture have served America well for over two centuries, thank you.)

Numerous blogs have provided examples of “principles of Allah” which are decidedly non-Christian, anti-American, and anti-civilization.

Carter has denounced Israel for a decade and he seeks acceptance of HAMAS as a legitimate organization. Carter condemns Christianity for waging a war on women, yet has little criticism of Islam.

Perhaps Jimmy should put on a sweater and watch the news.


HAMAS is a terrorist organization in league with ISIS, which is a terrorist nation seeking to rule the world by force and annihilate all opposition. They worship Allah and look to the Koran for guidance.

Peace and justice will forever elude the world as long as Western leaders remain spellbound by their own faulty visions of the world.

Perhaps Jimmy also forgot those Sunday school lessons he gave as a Southern Baptist having to do with Jesus – not Allah – being the Prince of Peace.