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7 Tips for The Trump Emergency Meeting Today

As Donald Trump’s campaign continues its freefall, his top strategists seek to halt its plummet into oblivion. Highlights from this satire by The Resurgent offers keen suggestions:

7 Tips For Trump

  1. Attack more dead soldiers’ parents
  1. Accuse more Americans of being co-founders of ISIS. 
  1. Put more states in play for Democrats. 
  1. Attack Ted Cruz more.
  1. Focus more white nationalism.
  1. Where is Hillary’s birth certificate
  1. Drop Mike Pence, add David Duke.

Left Wrong on Biggest Stories of 2015

The AP recently listed the top ten news stories of 2015 – and the Left was wrong on every one of them!

Left Wrong - 2015

The pacifist and radical Left, especially as epitomized by the Obama administration, rejects the very notion of a war on terror and denies the existence of Islamic terrorism in America. It prefers to wage war on climate change (a hoax), endemic and institutional racism (a myth), and law-abiding gun owners (a bogeyman), while championing the dissolution of America’s social fabric (e.g., gay marriage and the gay agenda).

1 – Islamic State

The Islamic State was the number one new story of 2015, with good reason: Islamist jihadists have created a terrorist nation-state which is gobbling up whole swaths of the Middle East and their vision of a global caliphate stretches around the globe, with climactic terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino which serve to underscore both their ambitions and their zeal.

Even in the face of the latest atrocities, the Left in general, and the Obama administration in particular,[1] reflexively defend Islam. Even in the face of savage brutality immune to reason, they seek to negotiate peace with these predators.[2] They view poverty – not religious ideology – as the motivating cause of terrorism.[3] Indeed, they hold politically correct conferences which teach the West how to capitulate to Islamists.[4] Refusing to accept reality, they really think that ISIS is contained[5] and the war on terror is over.

2 – Gay Marriage

After decades of indoctrination (via public education, entertainment, academia, and political correctness), a significant number of Americans have fallen for the gay agenda. The Supreme Court recently “settled” the issue of gay marriage. The Left was ecstatic!

The gay agenda has further infiltrated a number of churches,[6] causing them to preach a false gospel. Gay activists seek to stifle the true gospel through the power of the state and mob action (e.g., Sweet Cakes Bakery, Memories Pizza).

The Obama administration has succeeded in its goal of fundamentally transforming America[7] away from traditional values and its Judeo-Christian roots.

The Left champions gender transformation and self-identification as a different race[8] as acts of courage. America is becoming lost in a fog of immorality and tyranny[9] – while the Left applauds.

Kym Davis was denounced for standing up for truth, morality, and the law[10] when she removed to issue same-sex marriage licenses.

3 – Paris Attacks

Islamists committed notorious terrorist acts in Paris in 2015. In the first instance, Obama snubbed the Parisians[11] even as the world stood with them.[12] Right-thinking people advised Obama to stand in solidarity[13] against these terrorists. After the latest attack, Obama continued to insist that climate change is a greater threat than jihadists. The Left, as a whole, went bonkers over that attack, blaming everyone but the terrorists for their terrorism.[14]

4 – Mass Shootings

“Mass shootings” is AP’s catch-all category which includes typical criminal activity, atypical massacres committed by the mentally ill, shootings by white and black supremacists, and Islamic acts of terror. Failure to differentiate between different kinds of violence precludes prevention of that violence.[15]

Unable to split different types of violence into appropriate categories, the Left is left with only one solution: gun control.[16] Indeed, the Left’s answer to all violence, whether committed by criminals, crazed individuals, or fanatical terrorists, is … gun control![17]

The reverse is actually true: more guns, less crime. Gun control is a form of appeasement to criminals. Charles Cooke provides an excellent and thorough explanation and analysis of why the Second Amendment arose and remains relevant today. Moreover, the weapons used in San Bernardino massacre were already illegal.

In addition to reflexively screaming “gun control” at every instance of violence, the Left is wont to wrongly affix blame, usually on conservatives[18] or Christians. For them,

5 – Black Deaths in Encounters with the Police

AP’s sole focus was on the allegations of police brutality and murder and the rationale behind the Black Lives Matter movement, with zero interest in the perspective of the police and the targeting of police for assassination. The Left seems largely apathetic about the illegitimacy of most of those allegations.

“Hands up; don’t shoot” was a fraudulent narrative from the beginning,[19] yet the racial grievance industry continues to regard it as factual.[20] This is one of the Left’s most cherished narratives.[21] As a consequence of perpetuating this racial myth, Ferguson went up in flames.[22] The lives of countless police officers across the country were threatened (some were killed).[23]

Despite all the hype from Black Live Matter activists and the eagerly-complicit media, their memes are false.

Just as the Left refuses to place the blame for terrorism on Islamists, for crime on criminals, for mass shootings on the mentally ill. The Left also refuses to place the blame for dysfunctional black communities in major Democrat cities where it belongs: fifty years of Democrat policies.

Instead, the Left denies the astonishing progress made to achieve Dr. King’s dream[24] and, instead, encourages more violence in the name of alleged black victimhood and black entitlement.[25] Escalating violence in Baltimore[26] is but one of many examples. The “Ferguson Effect” endangers whole communities, including blacks.

6 – Terrorism Worries

Despite the Left’s protestations, Islamic terrorism has been on the rise in America[27] ever since President Obama took office. The AP’s sole entry in this category is the San Bernardino massacre. It completely ignored the many Islamic terrorist attacks committed in the United States[28] during the Obama administration.

The Left regularly employs Orwellian word games for ideological and political purposes. They continually try to redefine terrorism[29] to exclude the actual terrorists committing terrorism and to include their political foes: conservatives[30] and Christians.[31]

Ever-ready to deny the existence of Islamist terrorists,[32] the Left perpetuates the notion that Christians and conservatives are a far greater threat.[33] Perversely, they want to believe this nonsense.[34] A recent poll confirms this observation.

7 – US Election Campaign

The AP only names Trump, Clinton, and Sanders. It totally ignores every[35] Clinton[36] controversy.[37]

The media’s singular obsession with the Trump Phenomenon serves multiple purposes. First and foremost, ratings and money. Second, it enables them to tarnish all Republicans with the Trump brand. Third, it diverts attention away from more credible, serious, and substantive candidates. And fourth, it provides cover for the many character and candidacy flaws of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

8 – Climate Change

That climate change – a non-story – came in number eight on this list shows the extent to which the White House[38] and liberals will promote this myth. Headline: “Obama’s EPA – Holiday Meals Cause ‘Global Warming’’

Meanwhile, despite its efforts to hype global warming, the media ignores those stories which disprove its thesis.

Climate doomsayers have been around for over a century!

9 – Charleston Church Shooting

The Charleston massacre by a white supremacist made the list, fitting the media narrative of black victimhood and white racism. Finally, this very real tragedy gave the Left a singular, high-profile of white villainy. This tragic event, roundly condemned by everyone, sparked a massive campaign to destroy all things Confederate or Southern, from the flag to statues and monuments for Confederates and even America’s founding presidents! (Strangely, college campuses remain awash with courses, posters, and memorabilia exalting the Castro regime and other left-wing causes.)

But the actual surviving victims of the massacre and the citizens of Charleston exhibited genuine Christian charity in their grief.[39]

For the Left, America’s greatest threat comes from whites, conservatives, and Christians. Hence, the media silence over a gay, black supremacist, and Democrat who committed terrorist acts.[40]

10 – Europe’s Migrant Crisis

Last on the Top Ten list, Europe’s migrant crisis exposes the failures of the Obama administration’s strategy of appeasement and disengagement from the world.

Having made America weaker, Obama claims the opposite.[41] Obama’s appeasement of Putin emboldened Putin’s quest to recreate the Russian Empire.[42] Instead, Obama’s policies frustrate America’s friends and strengthen America’s enemies.[43]

Obama’s precipitous withdrawal from Iraq and hands-off approach to Syria created ISIS and enabled it to seize massive amounts of territory and expand its reach globally.[44]

Yet, Obama admits he has no strategy[45] (while claiming it is working) and denies we are at war.[46]

Still, the State Department has the chutzpah to assert as one if its accomplishments in 2015: Bringing Peace, Security to Syria.” Tell that to the Syrian refugees!


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Need a Strategy? Learn from the Experts!

Last week, President Obama placed a Wanted Ad through the international media.

WANTED: A Strategy!


This essay addresses proven models for success.

Islamic jihadists have targeted the United States for destruction since the 1970s. Al-Qaeda shocked America on 9/11 – a wakeup call to the world. George W. Bush listened and responded.

Barack Hussein Obama denied the existential terrorist threat, relinquished victories gained in the “war on terror” (the war that dare not even be named) and nurtured the growth of Al-Qaeda’s offspring: ISIS.

ISIS is a product of Obama’s policies.

ISIS is a terrorist nation state with imperialist designs, one which seeks a worldwide caliphate and the destruction of all in its path. Including (especially) the United States.

But just yesterday, the State Department refused to admit the self-evident truth that we are at war.

Obama lives in a fantasy world where he believes that America is stronger than ever. He holds America in such low esteem and so highly regards the rest of the world that he swapped five terrorist leaders for one deserter.

Clearly, this man’s view of the world and of America’s place in that world differs markedly from most Americans. But Obama didn’t ask for a new worldview, he asked for a strategy.

WANTED: A Strategy!

Let’s give Obama a strategy.

Overwhelming Force

Gen. Colin Powell was a hero in the first Gulf War which was decisively won by using overwhelming force to win. (Powell’s failure to actually remove Hussein when he had the chance paved the way for future hostilities.)

The typical mantra from the far left demands “proportional response.” If you’re going to fight, fight to win. Do you recall that memorable Sean Connery line in the Untouchables? About bringing a knife to a gunfight?

Perhaps you were looking for something more nuanced?

Look to Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron has begun taking decisive action against the existential threat posed by ISIS.

First, Cameron recognized the threat facing his people (and civilization itself), clearing identifying it as “Islamist extremism.”

Second, Cameron has warned the public, raising the threat level to “severe.”

Third, Cameron announced that military action is an option (in contrast to the White House, which likes to announce what is not on the table), preparing his citizens for a potentially long conflict (as Churchill did prior to and during World War II).

Fourth, Cameron increased border security by tightening control over passports to ensure ISIS fighters cannot return to the U.K.

Fifth, Cameron tightened and improved existing anti-terrorism measures.

Look to Bibi

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been combating terrorists longer than Millennials have been alive. Indeed, Israel has been fighting for its survival from the day of its birth.

Israelis live under the threat of terrorist attacks on a daily basis. They know they are in a war and that their enemies pose an existential threat.

As part of his comprehensive strategy, Netanyahu has secured the border. By doing so, the enemy is deprived of one means of invading Israel and logistical lines of support are thwarted.

Although ever willing to live in peace with its neighbors, Israel forcefully defends itself against aggression, militarily when warranted. Netanyahu knows that appeasement never works.

Netanyahu – using every form of media available to himclearly articulates his strategy, explaining the threats his nation faces and why he is responding as he does. Netanyahu effectively expresses his views and counters the propaganda of his enemies.

It would behoove President Obama to emulate the attitudes and actions of Cameron and Netanyahu, but before he can do that he must take the terrorist threat seriously. That will require a paradigm shift in his thinking, something which, I suspect, he does not have the courage to contemplate.

Update: In a joint press conference (1/16/15), David Cameron and Barack Obama displayed a dramatic divergence of views regarding the recent Islamic terrorist attack in Paris and the threat posed by Islamic jihad worldwide.

As reported by the Daily Mail, “Obama pointedly refused to call ISIS terrorists Muslims” while “Cameron warned of a global ‘Islamist extremist terrorist threat,’ condemning the perversion of Islam in the strongest possible terms three times and using the word ‘poisonous’ to describe the radicalized ideology five times.”

“Obama would not refer to the religion of ISIS militants during the White House news conference but at one point called them ‘fanatics.’”

Cameron spoke with passionate zeal, saying “The world is sickened by this terrorism,” and denouncing “this poisonous, radical death cult of a narrative.”

Cameron added, “We face a poisonous and fanatical ideology that wants to pervert one of the world’s major religions, Islam, and create conflict, terror and death.” He expressly warned of the global existential threat posed by Islamic jihad: “We do face a very serious Islamist extremist terrorist threat in Europe, in America, across the world. And we have to be incredibly vigilant in terms of that threat.”

In contrast, Obama spoke with measured caution, almost disinterested in the subject at hand, refusing to admit the religious nature of these terrorist attacks.

War? What War?

President Obama has been opposed to war from the moment he emerged on the national stage. He fought against combat in Afghanistan (the “good” war) and Iraq (the “bad” war). Obama is so war-averse that he completely removed all U.S. troops from a stable, self-governing Iraq (paving the way for the chaos and ISIS crisis) and intends to do the same in Afghanistan.

From the beginning of his tenure as president, Obama denied that we are in a “war on terror” and banned the use of that phrase. Indeed, accompanying his infamous apology tour, Obama declared, “I made clear that America is not – and never will be – at war with Islam.”

What war

Clearly, Islam is at war with us. Did Obama forget about the Twin Towers? The Islamic jihadists engaged in the battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq? The recurrent attempts by Muslim extremists to commit attacks of terror in the United States?

Has the Obama administration not yet learned its lesson?


In a press conference just last week, Obama asserted, “They may claim out of expediency that they are at war with the United States or the West, but the fact is they terrorize their neighbors and offer them nothing but an endless slavery to their empty vision, and the collapse of any definition of civilized behavior.”

In other words, ISIS poses no threat to the United States.

Just two days ago, Deputy State Department spokesman Marie Harf echoed the President’s assertion that the threat posed by ISIS “is not about the United States and what we do.” This was said after the beheading of a U.S. journalist.


While the White House is living in fantasyland, Americans will have to suffer the reality.

We Don’t Have a Strategy Yet

Yesterday, President Obama’s words shocked many people around the world. Obama admitted, “We don’t have a strategy yet.”

(For a president who appears to think that only words matter – after all, he believes he can change the world with the right words – Obama surprisingly fails to grasp that words actually do matter, saying something as foolish as this.) Remember: “Don’t do stupid stuff” is not a strategy.

But Obama’s statement should have taken no one by surprise. (It merely confirmed what we already suspected.) We have Obama’s presidential record to look back on and we have his rhetorical record from both before and during his presidency.

As author Steve Hayes noted earlier this year, “[Obama] doesn’t have a coherent foreign policy vision. … It’s been an incompetent, incoherent, sloppy foreign policy for five-and-a-half years with no apparent vision.”[1]


Absent a vision, there can be no strategy, at least not one that works.

The Obama Doctrine

Throughout his presidency, pundits, politicians, and policy wonks have sought to unearth the essence of “the Obama Doctrine.” Best-selling author Charles Krauthammer came up with his answer: “a series of completely unconnected ad hoc decisions, and that’s the Obama Doctrine.”[2]

Some have defined the doctrine that enunciates Obama’s foreign policy views as “appeasement,” which would be largely accurate. Let me offer my own take on the Obama Doctrine and define it in one word: Talk.

Whether sparked by drug-induced rap sessions in college or belief in his own innate superiority as the best of “the best and the brightest,” Obama appears to believe that he can either 1) talk people into doing whatever he wants or 2) talk them to death.

In 2007, Obama astonished his listeners by saying that he would be “willing to meet separately, without precondition, during the first year of [his] administration, in Washington or anywhere else, with the leaders of Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea, in order to bridge the gap that divides our countries.”

For Obama, talk beats action any day, as he explained, “And the reason is this, that the notion that somehow not talking to countries is punishment to them – which has been the guiding diplomatic principle of this [Bush] administration – is ridiculous.”

Upon his ascendency to president, Obama immediately talked, beginning with a worldwide apology tour. Eschewing even pragmatic unilateralism, Obama insists upon turning every issue and event over to the United Nations or to other international entities. Diplomacy (talk) is in, action is out.

Moreover, when faced with taking action, he usually says what he won’t do, not what he will do.

Obama’s infamous reset with Russia back-fired, and even now, he scolds Putin for creating this crisis in the Ukraine, claiming it is not in Putin’s best interest. Putin thinks it is – and talking won’t change that.

After almost six years in office, when it comes to foreign policy, it appears that all Obama can do is talk. Our relations with “Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea” are no better than when he came into office. All of our foreign relationships – whether friend or foe – have deteriorated.

Obama has talked nonsense.

Consequences of Lack of Strategy

As a direct consequence of his failure to develop a strategy (other than an increasing disengagement from the world), and of his doctrine of discourse over action, Obama has destroyed his own credibility and that of the United States of America.

If all you’re going to do is talk and take no action, then when your opponent continues to disagree with you and continues to misbehave – in taking no action – you are appeasing your opponent.

As a consequence of Obama’s lack of both vision and strategy, and his indecisive impotence as a leader, Steve Hayes notes, “We’re sitting here in the United States with a president who can’t get anyone to do anything.”[3]

Obama inherited a stable, democratic Iraq from Bush and turned it into a melting pot of terrorist entities united for one purpose: to create a regional, then global, caliphate, and, in the process crush America.

What will Obama do as barbarians are trying to destroy us? Say, “Stop! Pretty please.”


On Facebook, someone asked me: “There is a complete lack of strategy in what you say as well. If ‘talk’ is not strategy, neither is ‘action.’ What action? Be specific.”

When dealing with terrorists such as ISIS – or megalomaniac tyrants like Putin whose one desire is domination of others and restoration of an empire – words do not work.

Only power – or the credible threat of force with a perceived will to act – can deter such people. Peace through strength worked with Reagan. Appeasement has failed with Obama as it did with Chamberlain.

Bullies do not respect weakness or displays of weakness. Rather, they are emboldened by such displays. Crossed red lines must be met with action, not rebuke. Invasions of other nations must be countered with more than “Tsk, tsk, tsk, you naughty boy, you.”


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