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CPAC: Conservative Atheists Fear Theocracy

The anger, fear, and outrage in his voice was palpable, especially when looking into his eyes. The intensity in his glare expressed either fear or hatred – or both.

David Silverman, an exhibitor at CPAC, is President of American Atheists, “the oldest non-profit organization by and for atheists.” (Audio clips below.)


During our interview, Silverman used emotional arguments, engaged in historical revisionism, played the victim card, and distorted American precepts in order to attack American traditions.

[Parts II and III in this series will examine Silverman’s contention that America was never a Christian nation and that Christians are terrorists.]

Silverman Not a Conservative

His booth was bannered: “Conservative Atheists MATTER” (cleverly merging “Black Lives Matter” with “matter” as building blocks of the universe). The banner suggested its members are naturally conservatives.

Asked, “from where do you draw your conservative values,” Silverman admitted: “This is not really about me being a conservative. We’re here to raise awareness of the fact that atheist conservatives exist and that conservatism isn’t synonymous with Christianity.”

But is Silverman a conservative? No.

“My political views are kind of centrist. I will tell you that I am one of the people who never votes Republican because of all the religious influence.”

So, why did Silverman have an exhibit at the Conservative Political Action Conference? To convert people, politically, from conservatism, and to silence Christians.

GOP is a Theocracy!

Did you know that the GOP seeks to create a Christian theocracy?

According to Silverman, “17-20 million people are atheists who would vote Republican don’t because of the theocratic tendencies in the conservative platform.”

Did you know that the conservative platform has theocratic tendencies? I didn’t.

In our interview, Silverman expressed absolutely no concerns about the many efforts by Muslims to establish sharia law as law of the land in America. Nevertheless, it is people of the Christian faith that Silverman fears.

John Stossel and Greg Gutfled are libertarian atheists who do not fear faith. S.E. Cupp, a conservative atheist, decried the marginalization of Christianity in her 2010 book, Losing Our Religion.

In contrast, Silverman actually believes that Christians who exercise their faith in the public square are one step away from establishing a tyrannical theocracy.

Second-Class Citizens and Anti-Americanism

Silverman introduced a straw man argument, asserting:

“If we start with, ‘Well, we’re a Christian nation,’ or ‘We have a Christian heritage or a Judeo-Christian heritage,’ you start from a place of inequality, because the next part of that sentence is ‘We are a Christian nation, therefore, we deserve more rights. Therefore, we can do something you can’t. Therefore, we are unequal,’ or, in the words of Animal Farm, ‘we’re more equal than you are.’”

This is, of course, nonsense. Simply stating an historical fact regarding America’s Christian heritage in no way suggests the inferiority of non-Christians. Being faithful to the truth, the Christian concept contained in the Declaration of Independence – that “all men are created equal” – actually disproves Silverman’s contention.

But Silverman, who denies America’s Christian roots, reverses the truth, claiming, “So, the rhetoric around ‘We are a Christian nation’ or ‘We are of a Judeo-Christian heritage’ is inherently anti-equality and that is anti-American by default.”

In other words, to accurately connect America’s Christian heritage with the Creator-endowed human rights we cherish and protect in America is to be somehow anti-American and anti-equality.

Silverman was adamant in insisting, “Conservatives need to drop all of that dogma. They need to drop all of that stuff, not only because it is not true, but because it is anti-American and anti-equality.”

He continued, “I don’t think conservatives need to take an anti-equality approach. They should take a pro-equality approach.”

Naturally, the rational “pro-equality approach” Silverman advocates is to deny Christians a place at the political table in the public square.

GOP Should Stop Being the GOP

In fact, Silverman wants to liberate the GOP better by shackling its religious underpinnings.

He advocates, “If conservatism would revert back to the way it was back in the days of Barry Goldwater, where you’re just talking about small government, a strong military, and gun rights, and things like that, and leave the ‘We are a Christian nation, we are anti-choice, we are anti-gay marriage, we are anti-science in the classroom.’” [I’ll unpack that last sentence in a moment.]

Except, the GOP has had a religious component from its inception, providing the rationale and motivation for personhood and liberty extending from slaves to the unborn.

Clearly hostile to faith, Silverman stressed the eradication of religion from the public square. He argued, “If you left all that stuff out, millions and millions of conservative atheists would start voting for you again.”

Indeed, he advocates purging Christianity from politics:

“We think that it is a detriment to conservatism that it has adopted Christianity as part of its platform and we think it should be purged from the conservative platform. Christianity, religion has nothing to do with politics.”

[Actually, the Christian faith was foundational and fundamental to America’s birth, as will be discussed in Part II.]

GOP is Anti-Science

Is Silverman correct in his description of the GOP as anti-choice, anti-gay marriage, and anti-science? (Two out of three ain’t bad.)

In reality, the science Silverman worships actually supports the GOP’s positions on abortion, gay marriage, and other science-related matters.

Anti-Choice. Silverman supports abortion and thinks the GOP should, too. But science proves the humanity of the unborn. If Silverman is truly “pro-equality” as he asserts, protecting the unborn should be of paramount concern to him.

Every year, medical science demonstrates ever more clearly the humanity of the unborn.[1] This is irrefutable. Silverman claims Christians make him feel like a second-class citizen, but what class of citizenship does he offer the unborn? None. He only offers them death.

Anti-Gay Marriage. Silverman supports gay marriage, whereas biology does not. Biology supports the GOP position on gay marriage.[2] The civic purpose of marriage is procreation and, by definition, same-sex couples cannot procreate.

Many studies, including that of identical twins, prove there is no gay gene. Homosexuality is a behavioral choice.

Homosexuality is anti-science: “Evolution is all about perpetuating and advancing the species. Homosexuality does not accomplish this necessary evolutionary requirement, making it anti-evolution and thus anti-science since we are told that evolution is the basis of modern-day science.”[3]

Even Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, both gay, say, “The only family is the traditional one. No chemical offspring and rented uterus. Life has a natural flow; there are things that cannot be changed.”

Anti-Science. Silverman was not specific on exactly how the GOP is anti-science, but let’s look at some of the usual suspects. Presumably, he supports the Big Bang Theory, evolution, and climate change. Let’s briefly look at all three.

Atheists promote the Big Bang Theory as a means of removing God from His creation. However, the God factor is real. Cosmologist Stephen Hawking believes “some form of intelligence” – which he calls the “God factor” – brought about creation.[4]

The theory of evolution is fraudulent.[5] Intelligent Design is science. (See eight reasons why intelligent design is science.)

Climate change is a hoax.[6] As Stephen Moore observes, “Nearly every environmental scare of the 1970s backed by hundreds of scientists as well as media, like National Geographic, was proved to be a hoax. We were assured then by the ‘experts’ that the world was overpopulated, running out of energy, food, water, minerals, getting more polluted, and that the end result would be massive poverty famine and global collapse. Every aspect of this collective scientific wisdom was spectacularly wrong.”

Moore adds, “In 2010 the Climate Depot identified more than 1,000 international scientists doubting the science of global warming.” (Moore’s column brings us right up to the present.)

Silverman’s Mission

Silverman argues for inclusiveness, saying, “We are all in this together. Let’s shrink the size of government.” But, in his arguments, he excludes people of faith – doing so in the name of inclusion.

Clothing himself in the mantle of the victim – without actually offering any tangible evidence of victimology – Silverman contends, “I have only one party to vote for as a matter of self-defense, as a matter of self-preservation. … I always vote for the party that will preserve my full citizenship, my full equality.”

Once again, no one is denying him even one iota of citizenship or equality. Rather, Silverman is using our own love of liberty, equality, and the American experience to fundamentally transform America into something the Founders never intended (and that most Americans don’t want).

Silverman’s website contains a mission statement: “American Atheists, Inc., is organized to stimulate and promote freedom of thought and inquiry concerning religious beliefs, creeds, dogmas, tenets, rituals, and practices.”

Their mission includes: “the complete and absolute separation of state and church; … the establishment and maintenance of a thoroughly secular system of education; … [and] a social philosophy in which humankind is central.” [Emphasis added.]

Notably, American Atheists admit to having their own religion: “Materialism’s ‘faith’ is in humankind and their ability to transform the world culture by their own efforts.”

Final Thoughts

Rational debate with someone bordering on emotional hysteria never works. Silverman’s emotions were raw. When I countered several of his contentions, his hostility grew even as his denials of historical fact became more shrill.

As Christians, we should be careful about our message. We certainly should not cause others to feel like second-class citizens. We are called to be lights and salty in a darkened and decaying world. As ambassadors, we should be approachable.

Yet, we must also remain vigilant, remembering that truth is what liberates and preserves the world, and that truth is a hallmark of our ambassadorship.

[Parts II and III in this series will examine Silverman’s contention that America was never a Christian nation and that Christians are terrorists.]

Audio files: Clip 1, Clip 2, Clip 3, Clip 4, Clip 5, Clip 6, Clip 7, Clip 8.


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CPAC: It’s in the Cards

Who says being an American patriot can’t be fun?

CPAC exhibitors offered an astonishing assortment of information and products. One practical and enjoyable product – Constitution Cards – is educational and quintessentially American.


Feeling patriotic? Want to celebrate American liberty? Let’s play some cards.

The designers of these playing cards, Robert and Matthew Sanchez, were “born and raised in Southwest Miami.” Their father, a Cuban exile, “came to this country in 1960.” He taught his children “that the United States of America is the greatest country on this planet.”

The Sanchez brothers discovered a fun way to teach their children about the Constitution. They created a deck of playing cards – The Official American Standard Playing Cards – which are truly American in concept, design, and purpose. This deck can be used as “a tool to teach children and parents alike the Enumerated powers of congress and the Bill of Rights.”

Their mission: “We at The Official American Standard Playing Cards™ believe the foundation of this Nation is strong. Our mission is for America to have her own playing cards, while sowing seeds of liberty.

Following is a flyer which describes the cards and their meanings:

handout flyer

Interview audio: Matthew Sanchez clip 1, clip 2, clip 3.

CPAC: Obama’s Foreign Policy Anarchy

Not surprisingly, speakers and attendees at CPAC were almost uniformly opposed to President Obama’s foreign policies. The divide between Left and Right has never been so stark.

Many speakers viewed Obama’s policies – economic, political, and geopolitical – as self-destructive and, indeed, suicidal.


A Clear and Present Danger

Gov. Rick Perry noted, “At no time in the last 25 years has the future been more uncertain and the world less safe.”[1] Perry correctly called Islamists worldwide “a religious group that seeks to take the world back to the 7th century” and said that “ISIS represents the greatest threat to freedom since Communism.”

Gov. Bobby Jindal boldly declared the obvious (to everyone but the Obama administration), “We are at war with radical Islam.”[2] Countering the White House’s policy of appeasement,[3] Jindal said, “We must fight and win the war against radical Islamic terrorism.”[4]

Jindal received a standing ovation for daring to assert that medieval Christians pose no threat in the world today, but that radical Islam does.[5]

Sen. Marco Rubio said, “Because of the Obama-Clinton foreign policy, our allies no longer trust us and our enemies no longer fear us. … [Obama has] a foreign policy that treats the Ayatollah of Iran with more respect than the Prime Minister of Israel.”[6]

Rubio highlighted the Obama administration’s flight from reality:[7] “Imagine if we didn’t have a Secretary of State who believes the world is safer than it’s ever been, while at the same time radical Islamic jihadists are taking young women as brides, are burning prisoners in cages, and are beheading Christians on a beach in Libya.”

Sen. Rand Paul admitted, “In the Middle East a dangerous and barbaric cult has arisen,” though mysteriously limiting this global phenomenon to the Middle East.[8]

Taking a contrarian perspective, Paul cautioned, “Without question, we must now defend ourselves and American interests from this barbarous aberration; but it troubles me that we must now fight against our own weapons. As conservatives we should not succumb to the notion that a government inept at home will somehow become successful abroad.”

Restore American Leadership

American exceptionalism and the need for a moral vision were underscored by many speakers. Indeed, the world is ablaze precisely because so many leaders lack moral vision, integrity, or courage.

Sen. Ted Cruz urged, “Restore America’s leadership in the world as a shining city on a hill.”[9] Cruz, and others, suggested we build upon our national heritage, putting into practice the proven principles which shaped America into a force for good in the world.

Sen. Rick Santorum observed, “If America doesn’t lead the world, someone else will.” Evil leaders in evil regimes[10] and terrorists around the globe have certainly been filling the vacuum vacated by America.[11]

Gov. Sarah Palin offered a poignant paean of praise to America’s military. Calling the Middle East “a death cult’s playground,” Palin said that the only thing standing between us and terrorists is the United States military.

Victory, she noted, requires the “political will to win[12] – a characteristic sadly lacking among the political and cultural elite, today.[13] Palin urged American leaders to confront “evil with moral clarity.”[14]

Heeding Reagan’s principle of “peace through strength,”[15] Palin decried the appeasement approach, noting that victory brings peace.

In a Reaganesque manner, Palin declared, “We will never submit to evil. We will confine radical Islam to the ash heap of history. Just like the Nazis before them.”

Mocking the “War Is Not The Answer” crowd, Palin added, “They say we can’t kill our way out of war. Really? Tell that to the Nazis. Oh, wait, you can’t because they’re dead. We killed them.”

Targeting Israel

Integral to America’s security is her relationship with Israel and her opposition to a truly global threat: Iran.

Ambassador John Bolton criticized the White House for its anti-Israeli worldview,[16] saying, “President Obama has the worst relationship with Israel since the state of Israel was created in 1948.” Calling it “reprehensible,” Bolton chastised Obama for regarding “the single gravest threat to peace and security in the region, according to the Obama/Clinton view, is Israel building apartments in East Jerusalem.”

Bolton warned of the “existential threat” that Israel faces “from Iranian nuclear weapons – the threat of what some have called a nuclear holocaust.” A nuclear Iran would endanger civilization wherever it exists and would ignite a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.

CPAC Interviews

I interviewed a few of the speakers at CPAC. Among them,

Ambassador Bolton called Obama’s foreign policy “weak,” saying “it’s feckless, it’s inattentive, and it’s failed in many dramatic respects to preserve American national security.” (Audio)


Asked how to achieve victory against Islamists, Col. Allen West replied, “First of all, you have to identify in order to defeat the ideology. You have to be able to cut off its financial support, cut off his diplomatic support as far as other states that are sponsoring these non-state, non-uniformed belligerents, and then, the bottom line is, you’re gonna have to get on the battlefield and kill ‘em.” (Audio)


Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino addressed Obama’s non-existent foreign policy:[17]

“What foreign policy are you talking about? I don’t mean to be sarcastic, but, what foreign policy? There is no foreign policy! I mean, to say that there is a foreign policy implies that he’s actually had one. I mean, where has he even been consistent? You know, if you did a debate – and I’ve done this on a radio show I do, where you debate President Obama with President Obama, using his words, not as a joke – you’ll actually find out that he debates himself. He says the exact opposite thing about a number of issues. So, it’s really hard to pin President Obama down. You know, he loves Israel in his speech, but then he does the exact opposite.[18] You know, he declares red lines, meaning, ‘Don’t cross this,’ until people actually cross it. You know, he declares his support for regimes, until he doesn’t. So, there really is no foreign policy. So, it’s really difficult to comment on something that doesn’t exist.” (Audio)


Bongino also offered a strategy for dealing with the military and terrorist threats facing America and her allies:

“We need to focus less on military personnel on the ground in these countries and more of a counter-intelligence, intelligence, and training function overseas. One of the things in the Secret Service I always found to be most effective was joint training missions. You would be surprised how much good will between people who can really make a difference in some of these foreign policy areas, good will that’s accomplished through things like joint training and intelligence sharing. I think we have to focus less on putting our people on the front lines and getting other people to fight the fights they should be fighting.” (Audio)


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CPAC: Roman Genn – Solidarity for Liberty

With the Paris terrorist attack fresh in our minds,[1] celebrated caricaturist and acclaimed Soviet dissident Roman Genn spoke of the nexus between courage and liberty.


At CPAC, Genn highlighted the threat posed by both Islamic jihad and compromise with evil.[2] The truly heroic – like the cartoonists at Charlie Hebno who knowingly risked their lives in the face of death threats – should be applauded. In contrast, he noted the easy courage of some who tweet or post on Facebook anonymously, without risk, and consider themselves courageous for doing so.

Genn also criticized Republicans for compromising and failing to live up to their principles and ideals. Instead of caving in to political pressure, “It’s time for us to be Republicans first.” He emphasized, “It’s time for the Party to give us a reason to be Republicans first.”

The GOP’s tame response to appeasement[3] from the White House[4] augurs ill for America’s immediate and future safety and security.

In an interview, Genn spoke of the Paris terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo, the courage of its satirists, and the failure of the artistic community to emulate their bravery.

Calling the attack “a horrible, horrible crime,” Genn praised the victims for their courage, saying, “they had guts and they died for it. They knew what they were getting into. It wasn’t a surprise for them.”

Speaking of – and to – the artistic community, Genn said, “Unfortunately, we’re not supporting them with our art. We’ve just exhibited some demagoguery and wore some T-shirts and did some lame drawings instead of drawing Mohammed like they did,” adding that the artistic community should create Mohammed caricatures “out of solidarity with” those courageous victims.

Speaking from experience, Genn argues that lovers of liberty should never back down from tyranny or terrorism. Rather, “When things like this happen you have to show support by” doing what those heroic victims did. In doing so, we “mainstream” courage and demonstrate fearlessness.

Genn added, “Unfortunately, our cartooning community did not exhibit those principles and did not exhibit bravery that our French colleagues did.”

The same could be said for most leaders in the Western world who appease Islamists out of cowardice or fear.[5]

Audio clip:


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CPAC: Ted Cruz in Control

Senator Ted Cruz wowed crowds yesterday, at Liberty University, as he announced his candidacy for President, just as he had done a few weeks earlier at CPAC, where fervent supporters championed Cruz and his constitutional conservatism.


A Time magazine profile described Cruz as “the Platonic ideal of a Tea Party legislator and just maybe the man to lead the GOP out of the Obama era.”

Time added, “It’s not only that Cruz is good on God and guns. Or that he’s blessed with a bootstrap tale, Hispanic heritage and rhetorical gifts that complicate every liberal story line about conservatives being rich or racist or dumb.”

During yesterday’s announcement, Cruz spoke of “the promise of America,” revealing facets of his childhood and family life previously undisclosed. He addressed the transformational nature of both the Christian faith and the American Dream. And he imagined a reformed and vivified America culture freed from the tyranny of a government no longer restrained by constitutional imperatives.

At CPAC, Cruz echoed similar themes. Cruz emphasized the need for our nation’s leaders to walk the talk, to actually be people of principle.

Cruz said, “I had a former boss who used to say, ‘If I’m ever accused of being a Christian, I’d like there to be enough evidence to convict me.’ Now that is powerfully, powerfully true, and it is equally true of being a conservative.”

Sen. Cruz’s five top agenda items for America:

  • “Repeal every blasted word of Obamacare.”
  • “Abolish the IRS. Take all 125,000 IRS agents and put them on our southern border.”
  • “Stop the out of control regulators.”
  • “Defend our constitutional rights. All of them.”
  • “Restore America’s leadership in the world as a shining city on a hill.”

Just as many students at Liberty University cheered wildly as Cruz spoke, so, too, there was enthusiastic support for Cruz at CPAC, both during his speech and as many followed him from interview to interview.

Neal Mehrotra, from Cornell University, summed up his support for Cruz: “I support Ted Cruz for three very straight-forward reasons. First, is that he understands the Constitution; the second, that he’s faithful to the Constitution; and, third, he’s willing to fight for our constitutional rights.”

Audio file:

CPAC: Living Without Fear

For me, the best and most important five minutes by a CPAC speaker was not from one of the many outstanding presidential candidates or other nationally-prominent conservatives, but rather took place at an obscure breakout session heard by perhaps two dozen people.

During the panel, “The Politics of Cool: How Important Ideas Get Trivialized,” Ian Walters, CPAC Communications Director, exhorted his listeners to live without fear.


Framed in the context of political correctness, campus speech codes, and unparalleled media bias, Ian spoke about the perils of speaking the truth in today’s culture and of how fear of ridicule can deter even the most intrepid truth-teller.

But Ian’s professionalism as a musician gave him deep insights into his political expression and led to his quest for freedom from fear.

Ian revealed, “I aspire to live a life without fear.”

As a focused and passionate musician, Ian understands that genuineness is essential to a good performance. Performing from the heart, and being true to oneself, leads to both excellence in achievement and liberty of one’s soul.

So, too, in politics (and religion).

We are all plagued to some degree with self-doubts, insecurities, and fears. But, as Ian pointed out, we need not be.

Ian’s solution is simple, though not necessarily easy. To be successful, we need to be honest, to have integrity, and to be people of character.

As many genuine leaders observe, being an honorable person draws other people to who you are and what you say.

Ian urges us to open our hearts, to be honest, and to be people of character. In so doing, we can live without fear. And, in the process, we can impact the lives of other people, change the political climate, and even transform the terms of the debate.

As Ian put it, “The trick is to open your heart and show liberals that you don’t have horns and a tail.”

As Solomon expressed it, “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver” (Prov. 25:11). When we express our principles and values from our hearts, and do so in a right manner, we can win people to the truth.

Far too many conservatives (and Christians) fear to say what they believe. They moderate, compromise, or self-censor their views even before they start to express them. Self-censorship is inevitably followed by actual censorship from the Left.

Fear cripples. It cripples an agenda, it cripples a platform, and it cripples a soul.

Instead of being crippled, we should speak the truth from our hearts, with grace, that those fitly-spoken words might bear fruit in the lives of others.

Ian cautioned, “There is such a thing as excessive provocativity.” Being provocative for the sake of provocation undermines our message and detracts from our goal. Indeed, it should be spurned.

If we, as conservatives, speak the truth from our hearts, speaking “the truth in love” (Eph. 4:15), as the apostle Paul advises, then we will be successful.

We need have no fear, after all, if the truth is on our side.

During the panel discussion, Ian offered up an example: “We ought to be caring for one another, but not with Uncle Sam’s money.”

Even before George W. Bush, conservatives were compassionate. We need to be fearless and free to articulate our belief that private charity is better – more compassionate and more effective – than government largesse.

Living without fear is a laudable goal: personally and professionally, politically and spiritually. It requires honesty (with oneself and others) and integrity.

If we would dare to put ourselves out there, we could truly live lives without fear.

CPAC: Musings on a Great Conference

CPAC 2015 was fabulous!

(Please pardon my delay in publishing my observations. I won’t bore you with the details.)[1]


This four-day event catered to the needs of all in attendance. It was jam-packed with information and activities, making it impossible for any one individual to experience CPAC in its fullness.

Everyone left the conference with something of value. In the coming days, I will share with you some of my experiences and those things which were of value to me.

In “Living Free,” I share with you what I regard as the most important five minutes spoken by a speaker at CPAC.

Most GOP presidential contenders spoke at CPAC. “Ted Cruz in Control” spotlights Cruz.

Acclaimed Soviet dissident Roman Genn spoke of the nexus between courage and liberty.

Many speakers and panelists addressed “Obama’s Foreign Policy Anarchy,” includes interviews with John Bolton, Allen West, and Dan Bongino.

Enterprising patriotic entrepreneurs offered products suitable for the conference. “It’s in the Cards” showcases a Constitution-based American Deck of Playing Cards.

A fascinating interview with David Silverman, President of American Atheists, is presented in three parts. In his interview, Silverman expressed fear of a looming GOP theocracy (“Conservative Atheists Fear Theocracy”), denied America’s historical Judeo-Christian roots (“America’s Christian Heritage Denied”), and proffered a moral equivalence between Islamic terrorists and Christians (“Alleged Christian Terrorists”).


[1]               For those of you seeking boredom, many factors conspired to cause this delay. My laptop was unavailable for use during the conference. Several church commitments had to be fulfilled. And personal matters arose. Oh, well. Life goes on.