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Whither Conservatism?

Donald Trump’s historic victory to the White House demands that liberals and conservatives alike reevaluate their paradigms for political persuasion and, ultimately, victory.


Conservatives are at a crossroads. The establishment GOP, as currently constituted, is dying. The Tea Party GOP emerged triumphant in down-ticket races. The Alt-Right coalesced with grassroots populists to form the New Trump Party, becoming its #TrumpTrain constituency.

In a Trump administration, who will wield the reins of power? Alt-Right? Constitutionalists? Statists? To whom will Trump turn for counsel? The president-elect’s choice of Stephen Bannon as chief strategist suggests the Alt-Right will have significant power in his White House.

I have always said that Trump is the only GOP candidate who could lose to Hillary Clinton. I stand by that claim. Any other GOP nominee would arguably have done better than Trump against the Democrats’ utterly abysmal nominee.

Hillary was the worst candidate the Democrats could have nominated for their party. She literally drove people away from her. The electorate repudiated her as a person and for her policies.

Had, for instance, Ted Cruz been the GOP nominee, he could have drawn a clear distinction between himself and Hillary – in both personal morals and public policies. Instead, Trump’s worst character traits and ugly behavior almost sabotaged his own campaign.

Trump’s consigliere, Ann Coulter, attempted to distinguish between Trump’s personal baggage and his positions on the issues. She said, “I’m talking about his issues. No-one is voting for Trump because of his personality.” (But, wait, didn’t her latest book praise Trump, the man?

Coulter hammered home her point, arguing, “Issues, issues, issues. He wins on the issues, that’s why he keeps being attacked on his personal baggage, but nobody is voting for Trump the man.”

The problem with Coulter’s reasoning is that few people really trust the man on the issues. Time and again, Trump has proven himself untrustworthy as a person and ignorant on the issues.

Hence the #NeverTrump movement.

Henceforward, we must all exercise wisdom as we navigate through these unchartered political waters.

From #NeverTrump to #VerifyTrump

Those who are #NeverTrump should support the Trump administration wherever possible, as long as it is in keeping with conservative principles and the Constitution. We must switch from being Never Trump to, as Ronald Reagan might have phrased it, Verify Trump.

Trump, like the Vladimir Putin he so admires, cannot be trusted. We cannot believe either his words or his promises. We must look to his actions. Verify Trump by verifying that his actions further what is truly best for America.

Examine his staff appointments, his judicial nominations, his executive orders, and the like. Keep him on his toes. Curtail his progressive inclinations. Prevent him from continuing Obama’s unconstitutional executive imperialism. Restrain his inner tyrant.

From #TrumpTrain to #TrainTrump

Trump devotees must do something similar. Jump off the Trump Train and climb aboard Train Trump. In other words, stop worshiping the man and treating his varied and conflicting promises as holy writ. Instead, train the man you have elected President of the United States.

Train Trump to do what is right for America (and not just himself). Train him in the Constitution and founding documents of this great nation. Train him in the benefits of the free market and limited government.

If those who were Never Trump and those who are on the Trump Train can unite to tame the untamable ego of the newly-elected Narcissist-in-Chief, perhaps America will not only survive, but thrive, under a Trump presidency.

[A new book, #NeverTrump: Coulter’s Alt-Right Utopia, sheds some light on the #OnlyTrump movement and its Alt-Right constituency. It is now available on Amazon at http://amzn.to/2fzA9Mr.]

Liberty Died in Cleveland: America’s Establishment Coup

Liberty died in Cleveland on Tuesday.[1]

Liberty Died in Cleveland

The coronation of Donald Trump as the GOP nominee in 2016 further consolidated the power of establishment elites in Washington, DC. During this election cycle, establishment elites in both the Republican and Democrat parties have seized greater power while crushing their grassroots rivals.

Sanders supporters seem to grasp that establishment Democrats rigged their nominating process to coalesce behind Hillary Clinton.

Trump supporters, however, are blind to the reality that they are backing a purported anti-establishment nominee who has always been part of the establishment.

To do so, they obstructed the campaign of the only truly anti-establishment candidate in this race:[2] Ted Cruz. Indeed, at the convention, they cheered when the Republican establishment squashed efforts to allow delegates to vote their conscience and they booed when Ted Cruz urged American citizens to vote their conscience.

When did heeding your conscience become a bad thing?

Barack Obama ruthlessly wields his pen and phone to circumvent the Constitution[3] and thwart the will of the People. Hillary Clinton[4] is self-evidently a statist averse to the rule of law and wants to further transform America in even more fundamental ways.[5]

Donald Trump, also a statist, is an authoritarian[6] bully[7] to boot, and he has proven his propensity to use his boots to stamp on human faces forever,[8] as so vividly pictured by George Orwell.

That more people hate their respective party’s candidates than like them shows the extent to which the establishment opposes the will of the People to pursue their own ends. Both Hillary and Trump are anathema to lovers of Liberty and America.[9]

Even though the establishment Left & Right have seized control and consolidated their power, the fight must go on for Liberty.[10] The American spirit can only succeed when it is committed and engaged in the fight.

Let us fight for Liberty!


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CPAC: Tea Party Against Trump

Donald Trump skipped this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), ostensibly due to failed negotiations over speaking time and Q&A. A more likely reason is the negative reception Trump feared from a largely hostile audience. Moreover, hundreds of attendees intended to walk out of his speech.


William Temple, a prominent Tea Party activist, told me on Thursday morning that over 300 people had already committed to participate in the planned walkout. By Friday, that number had grown to over 1,000.

I guess it’s true what they say: bullies are cowards.

Compromise is Defeat

Americans are almost literally up in arms over the radical transformation of America into something she was never intended to be – and the GOP compromises with those spearheading that transformation!

The GOP leadership rails against Obama’s appeasement of terrorists, tyrants, and criminals, yet that very same leadership capitulate to the Left and the media (redundancy alert).


At the very moment of victory in 2014, Senate Majority Leadership Mitch McConnell conceded defeat. McConnell pledged to forego any government shutdowns. That’s right: Conservatives won, so McConnell started throwing down our weapons.

The Iranian Nuclear Arms Treaty (in everything but name) should never have passed. The Senate should have insisted that this treaty go through the normal treaty process. Instead, succumbing to political expediency, RINOs in the Senate shirked their constitutional duties and enabled the worst deal in American history to give our enemies the upper hand.

Planned Parenthood should have been defunded. The American people were utterly disgusted (by vast majorities) with the barbaric atrocities taking place in Planned Parenthood facilities across the nation. Investigative videos are still be released to the public and are all available online. Boehner and McConnell failed to seize the moment – this unique moment in history – to cripple the industry which epitomizes the Holocaust of our times in our nation.

The recent two-year budget deal also conceded defeat to Obama and his left-wing agenda. Utter capitulation.

The Spirit is willing, but the Senate is weak. Far too many Republicans are willing to go along to get along.

Moreover, those self-same representatives of the People actively oppose those who are actually doing the work of the People. The Quislings in our midst treat the patriots – who are defending the Constitution and who are in alignment with the will of the People – as if they were the enemy.

Like Patrick Henry, Ted Cruz is unwelcome by those who have aligned themselves with the status quo. The Resistance is always hated by the Establishment.

Mitt Romney, the Republican standard-bearer in 2012, recently lamented the very existence of conservative talk radio and right-wing blogs because they make it harder to forge friendships with our adversaries to get things done in Washington.

Romney and his cohorts believe that “getting things done” means enacting laws and growing the government. Stopping bad laws is at least as important as enacting good laws. (Don’t we already have enough laws?)

Our Founding Fathers would be horrified to see the lack of vision and grit within the ranks of the so-called conservative leadership. Ronald Reagan had both vision and grit.

Reagan spoke in bold terms, clearly distinguishing himself from his opponents. He forthrightly stated that government was the problem. He clearly expressed his love of America and her people, extolled American exceptionalism, and championed what America could accomplish.

Reagan denounced and defeated the Evil Empire when none thought that possible. Reagan reignited the free market and restored the American military, often in opposition to those on his own team. He did so with a deep grasp of our nation’s history, Constitution, People, and destiny.

Moreover, Reagan routinely made his case to the People. He connected with them in a powerful and personal way. He made his ideas (which were distinctly American in nature) easy to understand and support. His courage and optimism won the day and it was Morning in America once again.

Not so with today’s GOP leadership. Few of our elected leaders have either the vision or the courage to do what the American people elected them to do (or what Reagan would choose to do). What would Ronald Reagan do?

Stand Up and Fight!

“Right-Wing Islamic Terrorists”

In the wake of the Paris massacre, Bob Beckel expounded on “right-wing Islamic terrorists” – an illogical tautology which reflects and epitomizes the Left’s passionate promotion of and belief in its own propaganda.

Right-wing Islamic terrorists? Impossible!


Non-establishment conservatives (Tea Party) – those the Left likes to call far Right – seek limited government and greater freedom. Islamists seek a global caliphate – a theocracy enforcing sharia law.

Islamists are all about government. They seek to implement sharia worldwide. Their all-consuming goal is an global, Islamic, one-world government. No dissent. Under threat of the sword (literally)!

In contrast, conservatives believe in nationalism, not transnationalism. Conservatives believe in federalism and individualism, preserving the freedom of individuals and communities to live their lives as they desire.

It is the Left who loves to tax, spend, and regulate. It is the Left which created political correctness and speech codes. It is the Left who sees government as the solution, not the problem. It is the Left which abuses the coercive power of government, intruding into every area and aspect of our lives.

Beckel’s claim is merely a continuation of decades of such propaganda and a prelude to what we can expect from the upcoming Conference on Violent Extremism, which, I predict, will focus more on the Tea Party and other right-wing organizations – and on Christians – while whitewashing Islamic jihadism.

The Left initially blamed the Tea Party for the Boston marathon massacre. More ominously, they wanted it to be a member of the Tea Party.

This propagandistic meme, comparing conservatives to terrorists, has been fraudulent from the beginning. When have conservatives ever behaved like barbarians? Beheading?

Instead of besmirching American patriots for partisan political purposes, we should be zeroing in on the real enemy: Islamic jihad.

Ebola Madness!

Ebola has re-merged as a death sentence for many and the Left blames America.

The first Ebola death in the United States was a Liberian national who lied about not being in contact with Ebola in order to enter the U.S.

Thomas Eric Duncan is not a hero.

Thomas Eric Duncan is also not a victim of racism, white privilege, Western colonialism, the NRA, the Tea Party, global warming, or – America. (Oh, and, Bush is not to blame.)


Instead of blaming America first, Duncan’s relatives should thank America for doing her best to save his life.

Neither Hero Nor Martyr

Let me repeat, Duncan is not a hero. He lied to enter the United States, knowingly placing the lives of hundreds of people at risk. He also jeopardized his own family in Texas. (Selfless love? I think not.) Duncan brought Ebola to America.

Duncan is not a hero. Nor is Duncan a martyr. But the Left would like to regard him as a martyr – a martyr to everything they hate most about America.

Anti-American Constructs

A whole series of anti-American false narratives arose in the midst of Duncan’s plight. Political correctness insists that racism – not Ebola – was the cause of his death. The boogeymen of “white privilege”[1] and “American privilege” resurfaced with a vengeance.

Somehow, the NRA, the Tea Party, and cuts in Medicaid (by a Republican governor in Texas, who also, coincidentally, might run again for president) are to blame for Duncan’s death.

Some suggest that Ebola and its victims are a result of European colonialism in Africa. Even global warming made the list of obvious culprits.

Each of these duplicitous charges besmirch America, the American people, American institutions, and American interests.

Undergirding many of these fallacious critiques is a worldview in which America is at fault for being so successful.[2] According to their narrative, America is unworthy of her success because she exploited Third World (and other) countries.[3] The wealth inequity between America and poor countries is prominently featured in their writings.

Politicized Analysis

MSNBC host Krystal Ball expressly and explicitly blamed the NRA for the Ebola crisis, saying, “As the Ebola crisis continues, confusion and fear grows. So why are we still waiting on President Obama’s Surgeon General nominee to get to work? The answer: guns.”

Why? Because the NRA opposes the president’s unqualified nominee for Surgeon General.

Salon’s Joan Walsh blames Texas Governor Rick Perry, writing, “Medicaid wouldn’t have helped Duncan, but it might help someone exposed to him.” But, as Mediaite noted, Duncan wasn’t eligible for Medicaid anyway.

White Racism

Celebrated talk show host Geraldo Rivera cites racism as the cause of Duncan’s death. Rivera tweeted, “Real shame of Dallas: Ebola fatality Thomas Duncan turned away from Presbyterian Hospital. Was it because he was too poor, black and uninsured?”

Yes, again, the blame America first crowd blames America for the death of a foreigner who illegally entered the United States knowing that he was jeopardizing everyone he came in contact with. But America is racist![4]

As reported by Mediaite, Rivera accused the hospital of negligence and racial stereotyping: “I think that they were negligent and stereotyped this poor, black, uninsured guy who’s just another poor, black, uninsured guy.”

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price, who is black, agrees with Rivera: “If a person who looks like me shows up without any insurance, they don’t get the same treatment.”

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan actually claims white Americans invented Ebola to kill black people.

The Verge Verges on Hysteria

The Verge’s take on the Ebola crisis is evident in the title of its piece: “Ebola panic is getting pretty racist.”[5] Of course, the only racism it sees is white.

The sub-title highlights one cause of the Ebola crisis: “The real culprits in Ebola’s spread have been cuts to public health budgets.” The public health budgets referenced are for the World Health Organization and other foreign countries, not the U.S., begging the question: why is America to blame.

Race looms large in this diatribe, overshadowing everything else.

The writer, Arielle Duhaime-Ross, claims, “The current Ebola crisis has been tinged with racism and xenophobia” and asserts “American privilege – white privilege, especially – is floating to the surface, in even less subtle ways.”

“The difference in treatment for US patients and African patients is stark,” she writes, expressing outrage that the U.S. is not doing more for this impoverished continent, noting “Americans have preferred to focus on themselves.” (But wasn’t Duncan focusing on himself?)

Duhaime-Ross decries “racist xenophobic Americans,” and writes, “America: your xenophobia is showing.”


She actually began her column decrying journalists’ questions about Duncan’s citizenship, as if asking those questions was somehow odd. She writes:

“The first time a reporter asked a CDC representative whether Thomas Duncan – the first patient to receive an Ebola diagnosis in the US – was an American citizen, the question seemed pretty tame. One could excuse it as a general inquiry about the Duncan’s nationality during the first press conference announcing his diagnosis. But after the CDC declined to answer, the question kept coming. ‘Is he a citizen?’ reporters repeatedly asked. ‘Is he one of us?’ they meant.”

(As a journalist herself, she should know that journalists typically seek to highlight people from their own countries to please their audiences. If you are in another country, their newscasters will emphasize victims of a tragedy who are from their country. Nothing nefarious there.)

However, her shocking realization that the reporters meant “Is he one of us?” would only be shocking to someone whose view of America is diminished,[6] who does not value the nature of American sovereignty and American citizenship.[7] Open borders people seldom do.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings apparently expressed Duhaime-Ross’s sentiments in his tweet about Duncan: “He’s our citizen now.

No. He’s. Not.

America is not the world’s welfare state, nor is she a continental MASH unit for treating all of the world’s people. Treating her as such is disrespectful and dishonors her origins, her heritage, and her worth.


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OK Beheading? … Must be Tea Party Christians!

Muslims are beheading Christians and others in the Middle East and northern Africa. ISIS (Muslim) beheads Western journalists and others in its domain. Muslims are now beheading people in America.

But we aren’t supposed to call it terrorism because of their religion?

Their religion is what causes them to be terrorists!


The Left obsesses over political correctness and refuses to name Islamic terrorism. But they are eager to claim right-wing terrorism wherever their myopic eyes see it.

For them, Christians and conservatives are the real enemy.

Beware: the real enemy – radical Islam – will slit the throats of liberals as eagerly as it does conservatives.

CPAC 2014 – More Libertarian Than Ever (with photos)

A broad spectrum of conservative thought was on display at CPAC, ranging from Tea Party patriots and social conservatives to libertarians and RINOs.

Apart from its roster of politically heavyweight hitters featured at CPAC, the organizers appeared to cater to libertarians, avoiding certain crucial areas, such as key social issues, national security, foreign policy, and immigration. For a number of years now, the high ground has been yielded to libertarians over conservatives, prompting some to suggest CPAC be renamed LPAC.

One striking aspect of CPAC in recent years is its growing cadre of libertarians with its ever burgeoning number of youth attending the conference. The statistics tell the story.[1] This year, the line for Rand Paul’s book signing was the largest at the event, significantly over-flowing the designated area.

If CPAC represents a microcosm of the Conservative Movement, then libertarianism is in the ascendancy. However, the Tea Party was well represented and both visible and vocal at the conference, suggesting the battle for the soul of the party[2] – and the direction of the country – is not yet set in stone.

Photos: 1-3) Daniel Borchers, 4) CPAC



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