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Donald Trump, Iconoclast President: Life, Liberty, and Peace

[Artwork by an American Patriot.]

President Donald J. Trump is truly an iconoclast president, shattering progressive shibboleths throughout America and around the world while, at the very same time, returning to America’s roots: The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and a Judeo-Christian ethos.

In word and deed, Trump has revitalized the intent and ideal of our Declaration’s eloquent and timeless evocation of “self-evident” rights such as “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” while recognizing that those rights are bestowed upon us by our Creator, irrespective of race, gender, or class.

Progressives obsess over “group” rights, while Trump channels our Founding Fathers who understood that real rights are “individual” in nature (just as salvation can only be attained on an individual basis).

The Left has – before his presidency even began and throughout his presidency – forecast dire destruction for America, humanity, and the planet itself. None of those doomsday scenarios have panned out. Rather, the opposite is true. Indeed, Trump has presided over an unparalleled American Renaissance. This despite Spy Gate, the Russia Hoax, the Resistance from day one, a Fake Impeachment, and the continuing Deep State Coup!

Leftists repetitively call Trump a tyrant – for pursuing America First by using the Constitution!

Meanwhile, Leftists in Democrat-run cities and states issue tyrannical decrees and support Cancel Culture and Mob Rule by fellow Leftists.

An American Reset Button

President Trump has fully embraced the vision of America’s Founding Fathers and the Framers of the Constitution. Consequently, Trump is reinvigorating the inspirations and aspirations of the American Creed as so exquisitely expressed in the Declaration of Independence:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

To that end, Trump zealously pursues a restoration of America’s constitutional framework, free market imperatives, and protections for a robust expression of religious beliefs by people of faith.

Trump is spearheading a transformative political and cultural realignment – in effect hitting a Reset Button – to restore America to its founding constitutional, free market, and Judeo-Christian roots.

Trump has a Reaganesque vision of America and belief in the American People and Civilization! He is channeling America’s Founding Fathers while leftists channel the enemies of America, Liberty, Prosperity, and Peace.

While Leftists tear down statues and American institutions, Trump, an Iconoclast President, has been rooting out and destroying the idols of the secular and progressive Left.

Trump is tearing downs walls separating Americans and creating an unprecedented coalition of Americans who refuse to be divided by the Identity Politics of race, gender, and class or by Intersectionality and Critical Race Theory. Rather, they are being united as AMERICANS!

America and Americana are back!

Peace in Our Time

Leftists prophesied that Trump would spark regional or global wars when, in fact, he has extricated America from foreign entanglements and military engagements and he is actually the very first president in modern history who has not started a new war.

Moreover, Trump is responsible for a geopolitical realignment which is seeing, for the first time, genuine prospects for peace in the Mideast. His historic (aptly-named) Abraham Accords have garnered Trump four Noble Peace Prize nominations for actual accomplishments instead of empty rhetoric.

Like Ronald Reagan, Trump’s worldview is realistic and visionary. Reagan boldly demanded the removal of the Berlin Wall and envisioned the disintegration of the Soviet Union, which, the establishment called an impossibility but occurred just a few years after Reagan’s presidency, with Soviet satellite nations falling like dominoes, one after the other.

Now, we are witnessing a parallel historic, geopolitical seismic shift in the Middle East, where Arab nations are – one by one – making peace with Israel, something establishment experts also claimed to be impossible.

Sarah N. Stern observed:

The Trump administration’s successes included withdrawal from the Iran Deal, decisively crushing ISIS, launching an Arab Coalition, isolating Venezuela’s regime, renewed Brazil-U.S. relations, and countering China’s financial takeover of U.S. interests, among others. And his single most symbolic and historic achievement was sponsoring two peace agreements under the Abraham Accords between UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, and Israel.

Greg Gutfeld observed:

“Trump has been nominated [for Noel Peace prizes], not for making liberals feel good, but for real stuff: Middle East peace, reducing our military footprint while expanding our capabilities, beating ISIS, all while confusing pacifists and generals.”

Nevertheless, the Left wants to return to the former status quo of America Last and appeasement to Iran, Palestinians, and terrorists around the world.

For Such a Time as This!

For over four years, God has been miraculously orchestrating events to restore America’s greatness and prove His sovereignty over everything.

The Prayer March 2020 was held on September 26, 2020, coincidentally on the same day that Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. I attended a Preborn Prayer Banquet at the Trump International Hotel the previous night. There, I prayed, “Dear Father in heaven, in 2016, I didn’t trust Donald Trump, but You have raised up a mighty warrior for life and liberty …”

I am reminded of the Book of Esther. Like Esther, Trump has answered God’s call. Mordecai exhorted Queen Esther with these words: “And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” (4:14).

God is divinely causing the enemies of His people, of life and of liberty, to fall into the wicked snares and traps they have laid for the righteous.

The evil Haman schemed to have Mordecai executed. But God had other plans: “So they impaled Haman on the pole he had set up for Mordecai” (7:10).

During Trump’s 2016 candidacy and first term of his presidency, God has used Trump in powerful ways to thwart the enemies of life and liberty and to incite those enemies to reveal the depths of wickedness they espouse and pursue.

Hoax after hoax has been exposed as partisan propaganda. Leftist groups have revealed themselves as the anti-American, anti-liberty, and anti-life organizations that they truly are.

Through Trump, God has exposed the depths of the Deep State and the treachery of the Fake News Media, leftist Hollywood, and academia in an indisputable manner.

Meanwhile, God has accomplished great achievements through His chosen representative, President Trump, in politics, geopolitics, economics, the military, the judicial system, and on racial issues.

Trump has proven himself to be the President of Life, Liberty, and Peace.

The forces of darkness are dedicated to destroying Trump and defeating his pro-God, pro-America, pro-life, and pro-liberty agenda. They are relentless in their tyrannical and mob-like efforts and their demonic fruit is evident in turning America into a wasteland.

Trump is an iconoclast reformer for just such a time as this.

With President Trump, God has played the true TRUMP Card.

Nevertheless, Leftists, like a deranged Wiley Coyote, keep coming up with nefarious and diabolical schemes to destroy Trump, and, every time, their specially-concocted ACME “bombshells” spectacularly explode in their faces. They never learn, proving they are not so wiley after all.

They see their agenda and power rapidly diminishing as Trump, icon by icon, shatters their worldview and dismantles the Obama Legacy.

Trump is restoring America to her 1776 roots. This is most evident in his reshaping of the courts (from the Supreme Court to the lower courts) back to originalist jurisprudence.

Leftists enrage leftist mobs and incite race riots while blaming Trump for their own insurrection. (Indeed, some leftists are calling for a Blue State Secession from the Union, hearkening back to their roots in the antebellum South.)

Insurrection is the appropriate term. What else can we call sanctuary cities and sanctuary states who reject federal authority, the continuing Deep State Coup, Resistance, and Mob Rule?

Nevertheless, it is Trump who abides by the Constitution and views it all from a strategic, long-term perspective. Yes, Trump is winning at his much-maligned 3D-chess.

Trump eschews Identity Politics, Critical Race Theory, and Intersectionality because he views all Americans as equal, fellow citizens of this great Republic, an exceptional America. The Left does the exact opposite, pitting a never-ending series of identity groups with conflicting grievances against an America that they view as inherently and intrinsically evil.

It is galling that some Christians have fallen for this oppressor-oppressed nonsense, rejecting the Providence of the Almighty in America’s conception, growth, and positive impact on the world stage. The Shining City on a Hill – which the Founders established and both Lincoln and Reagan extolled – still stands strong. Trump is but her latest and most valiant defender.

New Political Realignment

Trump has not just expanded the political tent of the Grand Old Party; he has spearheaded a new political realignment of what could be called the New American Party.

Steve McCann addressed this political realignment:

The nation stands on the cusp of the third and perhaps most notable political realignment in the past 160 years, as those on both sides of the political spectrum recognize that the 2020 election has evolved into a watershed moment in American history.  Since 2016, the Ruling Class has recognized the existential threat Donald Trump poses to them.  The power structure of the Ruling Class and the objectives of the left have been upended by him and his ongoing transformation of the Republican Party, threatening their status and sinecures. The Democrat party’s leftist political allies have acknowledged that he is a dire threat to their grand scheme of radically transforming the United States.

Trump’s realignment encompasses Americans of all races, ethnicities, backgrounds, and experiences – whites, blacks, Latinos, women, feminists, gays, etc. – all of whom embrace the American Dream of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (which is found in a sphere of Peace and Prosperity).

These are distinctly American ideals formed in the crucible of America’s Founding and realized in an American culture, preserved by an American system of government.

Patriotism, not Globalism; Free Market, not Socialism; American Dream, not Socialist Nightmare!

Charlie Kirk, President of TPUSA, tweeted a summation of Trump’s extraordinary achievements:

  • No president has ever achieved results the way Donald Trump has
  • He just confirmed his THIRD Justice in four years
  • He’s signed 4 different Middle East Peace deals in 2 months
  • He’s winning against the China Plague
  • The economy is roaring back
  • Joe Biden could never compare.

I wholeheartedly concur, as due untold millions of Americans! I tweeted: OMG! THIS man FIGHTS – for US and for AMERICA!

Ted Noel notes that “Donald Trump is a divider. But his act of division is one of exposing evil by standing for good.” Noel adds, “What is Trump’s act of division? He actually stands up for America.”

Generation Z Conservative similarly observed:

  1. Trump has cut taxes, thus freeing up billions of dollars to be invested in productive, private programs and businesses rather than spent on frivolous government programs.
  2. Trump has slashed regulations and regulatory agencies, thus making it easier for businesses to earn money.
  3. Under Trump, unlike Obama, we allowed the military to do what was necessary to defeat ISIS.
  4. Trump has focused on the actual threats to America- China and Iran- rather than surrender our interests in the Middle East to Iran and avoid dealing with the problem of China while instead pretending that the emaciated nation of Russia is somehow the same threat it was during the Cold War.
  5. Trump has gone after the Deep State and drained the swamp
  6. Trump has prioritized American workers and helped them regain their place in the economy by creating trade deals that encourage companies to bring jobs and capital home and has stopped the flow of illegal immigration, which was draining capital from the economy and depressing the wages of American workers.

John C. Greene gave a powerful testimony regarding Trump:

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump in 2016.  Didn’t know him.  Didn’t like him.  Didn’t trust him.  Accordingly, I voted third party.  But as I observed him as president, I began to notice that every policy, every initiative that President Trump stood for and pursued is a policy that advances or restores freedom to the individual citizen: lower taxes, less government regulation, abundant energy at cheaper prices.  These policies lead to a better economy with much lower unemployment which, in turn, have restored greater freedom to millions of Americans.  He has stood firmly for life.  He stands firmly for the Second Amendment.  He has not involved us in any new wars and is winding down our involvement in the ones that have been dragging on for decades.  He is successfully pursuing peace in the Middle East, which he gets no credit for.  Despite of the hell they have heaped on this man, he has accomplished more substantive good in four years than the last four presidents combined in the prior twenty-eight years.

The pattern of Trump policies has consistently favored the enhancement of individual sovereignty, individual liberty, and individual agency.  In virtually every policy he has pursued, he has reversed, rolled back, or diminished policies that make the State the final arbiter in matters that should be left to individual choice.  He is rapidly dissolving the kind of invasive governmental sludge that the Joe Bidens of this world have been legislating into every detail of our lives for the past 100 years.  Biden is a statist, a collectivist, a big government guy.  Trump, while sometimes not a gentleman, instinctively advocates, advances, and restores fundamental principles of liberty.  To my great surprise and appreciation, he has become the president I have always voted for but never got.

Greene correctly calls Trump the Freedom President!

If the courage and energy to stand for freedom and against the socialist idea, even under a withering assault day after day, year after year, is what one is looking for in a president, then President Donald Trump has been truly magnificent.  Donald Trump is the freedom president.  Next week, I intend to cast my first ever vote for Donald Trump.

Ryan Ruckman calls President Trump “the epitome of American grit and guts.” Ruckman summarized Trump’s accomplishments thusly:

When you consider what the president has accomplished in 3.5 years, it is truly remarkable.  He’s built the security wall, he’s brought back American jobs, he’s thwarted communist China’s economic dominance, he’s deregulated businesses, he’s lowered taxes, he’s supported Israel, he’s replaced NAFTA, he’s revived patriotism, he’s disavowed the Iran deal and climate accords, he’s fearlessly implemented “America First” policies, he’s rebuilt our military, overhauled Veteran services, delegitimized the communist news networks, stared down Kim Jung-un, provided respirators across the nation, smashed economic records, and surrounded himself with advisers who are constitutionally fit to help lead this nation.

Add to this list of accomplishments the democratic socialists’ war against his administration, and you will have to admit that there is an unseen force behind our present Executive Branch that keeps it thriving!

President Donald Trump has been called for such a time as this to restore America: American Exceptionalism, the American Dream, and American Liberty and Justice for All. Like President Reagan, Trump loves America and has faith in her People and in God Almighty.

May God bless America and may God bless President Trump with a landslide victory!