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RIP Christina and Gun Control

The tragic murder of 22-year-old Christina Grimme by a deranged gunman shocked the music industry.


Christina was my personal favorite during season six of The Voice. She was a gifted, talented, energetic, enthusiastic, and very likeable performer and artist. Christina will surely be missed.

Some people grieving her loss – and some gun control opportunistsimmediately pushed for an expansion of various gun control measures – as if those measures would have prevented this murder or as if the control of the insane is irrelevant. Banning guns will not stop violence.

One grieving fan championed increased gun control while bemoaning even modest restrictions on abortion. He claimed gun control laws should be more stringent than laws limiting abortion (e.g., parental notification, waiting periods, ultrasound – all deemed too onerous by him).

Actually, gun control laws, regulations, processing, etc. are already significantly greater than current guidelines and restrictions on abortion. In most liberal-dominated institutions, the media, the entertainment industry, and the educational system (from kindergarten classes to universities), abortion is promoted while constitutional rights to own weapons are challenged.

In some states and localities, it can take years for law-abiding citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights (even when in fear for their lives) while abortion-on-demand for young teenage girls remains far too prevalent.

Moreover, every abortion kills an innocent life while guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens preserve lives and protect the innocent.

Gun control laws – often enacted based on emotion and not reason or facts – do not work. Controlling criminals and the insane does work.

As we mourn the passing of Christina Grimme, let us not exploit her tragic death at the expense of personal liberty for the sake of a statist agenda.

Let us, instead, remember Christina’s positive spirit of love. In Colorblind, Christina wrote:

Kiss the future ’cause it’s so bright

There’s no mountain that we can’t climb

But it won’t happen over night

You know, it’s not impossible

Love is patient, love will wait

Love is something we create