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Ask Hillary – and Other Democrats – This Question!

The liberal “mainstream” media regularly targets, en masse, Republican candidates with its narrative of the moment – and timid Republicans typically cower, duck and cover. The latest gambit – which the GOP fell for – was to demand an answer to a hypothetical question: “If you had known then what you know now, would you have invaded Iraq?”


The correct answer, as David French noted, should have been “knowing now what we didn’t know then, the answer is a smarter intervention, not the same intervention – an intervention that combines the tactics and lessons of the Surge with the staying power we’ve demonstrated in other volatile hot spots, like Korea. The alternative – as we know – is a growing jihadist menace, genocide against Christians and other religious minorities, and increased instability in a geopolitically vital region.”

That is the Jeb Bush Question taken care of.

Now, let me offer you a Hillary Clinton Question. No, not about her myriad scandals, ethical lapses (can they be termed “lapses” if they are continuous?), and various missteps and imbroglios.

Instead – just as the Left targets the grand geopolitical thinking of the Right vis-à-vis military intervention – the Right should aim its sights a bit higher and larger in scope and ask the ultimate domestic policy question:

“If you had known then what you know now, would you have embraced LBJ’s Great Society and War on Poverty?

Follow-up questions:

“If so, what do you say to the millions of minorities who have been disenfranchised by these welfare programs? What of the broken lives, broken families, broken homes, broken communities, and broken social fabric in America which are a direct result of these disastrous programs?”

“How do you justify the heartache, the dashed dreams, lost hope, hate-filled anger, and desperate despair?”

“How do you justify squandering countless trillions of dollars which only served to produce counterproductive results?”

“How do you atone for resultant race riots, the destruction of whole communities, and the loss of life?”

“How do you restore the trust deficit between police officers and citizens that your liberal policies created? How do you restore the trust deficit between citizens and their government?”

“How can Americans entrust to you the future of these communities which have been devastated by your liberal policies if your only solution is to continue and expand those self-evidently destructive policies?”

Finally: “Will you do for the rest of America what you have done for Detroit, Ferguson, and Baltimore?

CPAC: Ted Cruz in Control

Senator Ted Cruz wowed crowds yesterday, at Liberty University, as he announced his candidacy for President, just as he had done a few weeks earlier at CPAC, where fervent supporters championed Cruz and his constitutional conservatism.


A Time magazine profile described Cruz as “the Platonic ideal of a Tea Party legislator and just maybe the man to lead the GOP out of the Obama era.”

Time added, “It’s not only that Cruz is good on God and guns. Or that he’s blessed with a bootstrap tale, Hispanic heritage and rhetorical gifts that complicate every liberal story line about conservatives being rich or racist or dumb.”

During yesterday’s announcement, Cruz spoke of “the promise of America,” revealing facets of his childhood and family life previously undisclosed. He addressed the transformational nature of both the Christian faith and the American Dream. And he imagined a reformed and vivified America culture freed from the tyranny of a government no longer restrained by constitutional imperatives.

At CPAC, Cruz echoed similar themes. Cruz emphasized the need for our nation’s leaders to walk the talk, to actually be people of principle.

Cruz said, “I had a former boss who used to say, ‘If I’m ever accused of being a Christian, I’d like there to be enough evidence to convict me.’ Now that is powerfully, powerfully true, and it is equally true of being a conservative.”

Sen. Cruz’s five top agenda items for America:

  • “Repeal every blasted word of Obamacare.”
  • “Abolish the IRS. Take all 125,000 IRS agents and put them on our southern border.”
  • “Stop the out of control regulators.”
  • “Defend our constitutional rights. All of them.”
  • “Restore America’s leadership in the world as a shining city on a hill.”

Just as many students at Liberty University cheered wildly as Cruz spoke, so, too, there was enthusiastic support for Cruz at CPAC, both during his speech and as many followed him from interview to interview.

Neal Mehrotra, from Cornell University, summed up his support for Cruz: “I support Ted Cruz for three very straight-forward reasons. First, is that he understands the Constitution; the second, that he’s faithful to the Constitution; and, third, he’s willing to fight for our constitutional rights.”

Audio file: http://k003.kiwi6.com/hotlink/vrwxd0zvcc/Neal_Mehrotra_on_Ted_Cruz.mp3.