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Birth a Bairn for a Pram

Having recently returned from an exhaustive fact-finding mission to Scotland (visiting family and friends), I can safely say that the welfare state is alive and well there just as it is here. A few anecdotes provide food for thought.

Two single mothers were talking. One said, “I’ve decided not to have another baby.” When asked why not, she replied, “They won’t give me another new pram.” Yes, she wanted to have a baby in order to get a new baby carriage, but opted out when denied getting a second one. (In America, young teens have made pregnancy pacts to deliberately have children out-of-wedlock.) Obviously, the reasons for childbirth and responsibilities of parenting elude these young women.

One married couple without jobs gets free housing (a two-bedroom apartment), new computers, new HD televisions, and new cell phones – no strings attached. (Over 14% of Americans receive food stamps, benefits which are wasteful, abused, and create dependency among recipients. America’s “War on Poverty” is unabated and remains a failure.)

One single mother gets a new car every three years and she only pays for gas. Britain’s welfare state has mushroomed out of control and Britons are rebelling against its “rampant waste and fraud.”

Will the welfare (nanny) state finally succeed in eating away the fabric of society till there is nothing left of our souls?