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Left Politicizes Las Vegas Shootings

The far Left never lets a tragedy go to waste and the recent shooting spree in Las Vegas is no exception. This time, liberals get a twofer: guns and conservatives.


Framing the Debate

Upon learning of the tragic Las Vegas shootings, the Left immediately launched its attack, blaming the shooters, guns, and conservatives.

One particular Op-Ed exemplifies the Left’s hatred of the Right: “Las Vegas Shooting Spree – A Product of Tea Party ‘Ideology’.”

That’s right – the Tea Party is to blame! But is it really? The writer, Adalia Woodbury, …

  • blamed the right-wing media (just as the Left did after the Oklahoma City bombing)
  • asserted the Tea Party is composed of “white supremacists”
  • called the Tea Party “fascist” and “neo-Nazi”
  • claimed the Tea Party is “anti-police”

 Woodbury ramped up the rhetoric, claiming …

  • “[the shooters] hated everyone and everything the right wing propaganda branch of the Republican Party told them to.”
  • “They got a lot of help from Teabagger politicians who legitimized Teabagger ideology …”
  • “the NRA and right wing media played a role in developing the twisted and deadly combination of gun culture and fascist ideology.”

Who’s to blame? According to Woodbury, the Republican Party, the Tea Party, and the NRA.

(By the way, Ms. Woodbury, the term “Teabagger” is a deliberately vulgar term. Stop using it.)


As a senior legal analyst for PoliticusUSA, Woodbury should know better. She failed to provide any evidence to support her assertions about the Tea Party or the NRA. White supremacist, fascist, neo-Nazi, anti-police?

The NRA, the Tea Party, and the Right-wing media never support what Woodbury charges them with. As a gun control zealot, of course Woodbury does not understand the “gun culture” she decries, nor does she have a grasp of the Second Amendment. Moreover, far from being “anti-police,” the NRA has a close relationship with law enforcement.

As for ideology, the Left equates what it likes to call “home-grown terrorism” with Islamic terrorism, often suggesting the former is a greater threat. But weren’t the Islamist Boston Marathon bombers “homegrown” – radicalized in the United States?

Let’s be clear here: Islamic jihadists and suicide bombers kill innocent people because their jihadist ideology demands it. The organizations Woodbury cites never endorse and always oppose such activities.

When mass shootings occur (such as this one in Las Vegas), the Left habitually attacks the Right, claiming alleged ideological connections to the nut-cases who kill. In doing so, the Left misses the point: the insanity of the culprits. In her diatribe, Woodbury actually used the phrase “right wing nut jobs” to directly associate these killers with the conservatives she hates.

Instead of targeting political organizations with whom she disagrees, Woodbury would be wiser to tackle the root causes of these killings: insanity.

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