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HRC: A Caricature of the Left (a photo essay)

If Hillary is the best presidential candidate that the Democrats can field, then the Democratic Party has proven itself thoroughly inept, corrupt, and ideologically bankrupt.

Weekly (if not daily) new scandals emerge (or are given renewed urgency), reminding us of Clinton scandals going back decades. The patterns of misconduct, denial, and cover-up continue apace into the 2016 election cycle.


The Clintons’ arrogance, sense of entitlement, and sense that they can get away with anything is astounding. Moreover, their lack of concern for the American People – or for America’s survival – is breathtaking for a First Couple who seek only the power to rule over, rather than represent, the People of this great nation.

In keeping with the idea that a picture speaks a thousand words, following are about 45,000 “words” (culled from the Internet) with a few actual words mixed in.

The Early Years

It is always good to go back to the beginning for context. Here are a few items from the past which most Millennials are unaware of.

Bill and Hillary – the real deal.


Highlights from one of Hillary’s legal triumphs.


Yes, Hillary was on the House Judicial Committee during Watergate. She was fired for unethical behavior.



The Clinton Administration

In 1993, New York Times Magazine profiled Hillary, calling her “Saint Hillary.”


Hillary defended her lying and adulterous husband by blaming a mythical Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.”


The Clinton Administration was beset by many other scandals which extended back into the glory days of Bill’s governorship in Arkansas.


The Obama Administration

During her tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary oversaw the demise of American political power and will (and the projection of weakness and chaos) around the world, at the behest of Obama.[1]

Hillary’s greatest achievement was racking up frequent flyer miles (at the expense of the American people).


Russian Reset Debacle

Blunder followed blunder. Consider the infamous Russian reset was ridiculed around the world.

BjLKuF9CIAABNBh.jpg medium



Terrorist Attack in Benghazi

Everything Hillary said about Benghazi was a lie. From the very beginning. Everything!






Having absolutely no empathy for America’s fallen heroes and their families, Hillary, amazingly, advocated for empathizing with our enemies.[2]



Dead Broke

Proving herself inept at foreign policy, she did so as well in the world of economics.

Hillary’s claims of being “dead broke” elicited laughter around the world.[3]




Hillary’s efforts to reinvent herself as a Woman of the People failed because 1) she’s a One Percenter who cannot relate to those beneath her and 2) she has no grasp of how the free market actually works (few socialists do).


Clinton Cash

Credible allegations of unethical and illegal behavior have arisen involving the Clinton Foundation.[4]



Private Server / Email Deletions

One of many scandals that will not go away, Hillary illegally maintained a private server for all of her government work and illegally deleted all her emails, whether work-related or not.







Speculations abound. Was Hillary’s private server set up for the express purpose of facilitating illegal activity being done by the Clinton Foundation? Did Hillary delete emails because there were smoking guns regarding Clinton Cash, Benghazi, and other potential political powderkegs and illegalities?



holberts 06-20 cartoon

Hillary for President

Hillary announced her 2016 presidential bid, not with a bang but a whimper. Or, rather, a tweet. She also tweeted instructions to her constituency which suggests they are too stupid to understand how bumper stickers are used.



People roundly criticized and mocked her campaign logo.







Rethinking 2016

Liberals (and conservatives) need to rethink their options for 2016.






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Hillary Crazy about Crazies

We Must Empathize With America’s Enemies

Say what?

Hillary Clinton, the as-yet-unannounced Democratic front-runner for president spoke at Georgetown this week to express her vision “to advance peace and security.”[1]

Attempting to seize the moral high ground, Hillary’s strategy for world peace is hilarious: empathy. (This is reminiscent of that quintessential quality Obama seeks in Supreme Court justices – empathy, not legality.)


In Hillary’s world, Clinton calls this “smart power” which leaves “no one on the side lines.”

(I would think we would want terrorists and other evildoers to be “on the side lines,” but the Obama administration has been known for negotiating with the worst of the worst.)

Eschewing military action, Hillary seemingly contends that diplomacy will solve all of our problems and lead to global peace. “That is what we believe in the 21st century will change – change the prospects for peace.”

Clinton’s approach to resolving tensions with our enemies is simplistic, naïve, and dangerous: “Showing respect even for one’s enemies.”

And what does that entail? “Trying to understand, in so far as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view.”

Empathize? With terrorists and tyrants?

Having run the State Department for so many years, one would think that the smartest woman in the world – who oversaw the dismantling of peace around the world – would know what the perspectives and points of view our enemies possess.

ISIS and other Islamic terrorists want to create a worldwide caliphate and, to do so, they must convert or kill every other person on the planet, especially us. That is their perspective and point of view.

Does Clinton, like Kerry, think we can talk ISIS into peace?

How do we show these butchers, beheaders, and barbarians “respect?” Through negotiation? With appeasement?

How are we to empathize with butchers and barbarians? Will that empathy dissuade them from further butchery? Genghis Khan was undeterred by pleas for mercy.

Vladimir Putin wants to restore the old Russian Empire. He seized the Crimea despite world protests and he is hell bent on absorbing the whole of the Ukraine. Virtually unopposed by Obama and his diplomacy. How did that reset button work out for you, Hillary?

Iran is unalterably resolute in its desire to develop nuclear weapons and the Obama administration’s policy of appeasement will never contain that threat. Indeed, for all these years, negotiation has always worked to Iran’s advantage.

Instead of acknowledging evil where it exists and taking action to protect Americans, Obama talks, talks, talks. And Hillary Rodham Clinton – the presumptive POTUS in 2016 – apparently supports that policy.


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“Hope & Change,” and Other Orwellian Clichés

Candidate Obama promised hope and change without defining either. He received a Nobel Peace Prize for what he would do and he was hailed a political Messiah. That was an Orwellian “big lie” heralded amidst a number of derivative lies, such as the stimulus was a success and Obamacare works.


The most recent derivative lies include these pretzel-twisted contortions:

  1. The world is a more tranquil place. (Read: “Peace in our time.”) White House press secretary Josh Earnest claimed, “I think that there have been a number of situations in which you’ve seen this administration intervene in a meaningful way, that has substantially furthered American interests and substantially improved the, uh, you know, the – the tranquility of the global community.”
  2. The reset with Russia worked. (Read: “Hey, dude, the Cold War is so 1980s.”) Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claims, “What I think I demonstrate in the book, is that the reset worked.”
  3. The border is secure and there is no border crisis. (Read: “The Emperor’s clothes are magnificent!”) Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), among many on the Left, claimed “The border is secure.” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), alleges, “It’s not a crisis, it’s an opportunity.”

You will remember that it was not so long ago that the Obama administration was touting Iraq as a success story, too. Obama bragged, “We’re leaving behind a stable and self-reliant Iraq.”

Another – continuing – derivative lie remains politically operative: Bush is to blame.

Obama and his cronies blame the Bush administration for the collapse of Iraq and the establishment of an ISIS caliphate, despite the peaceful and stable situation Obama inherited from Bush. Obama left a power vacuum in Iraq which ISIS capitalized on.

Obama and his cronies blame the Bush administration for Putin’s invasion/annexation of Crimea and aggression in Ukraine when it is Obama’s weakness which has emboldened Putin’s imperialistic ambitions.

Obama and his cronies blame the Bush administration for the humanitarian crisis on the border when it is Obama’s own immigration policies and unilateral executive orders which precipitated the crisis.

This all stems from Obama’s deeply flawed view of America and his consequent inability to decisively lead the nation. Obama’s indecision arises from internal confusion. Obama facetiously claims, “I’m not partisan!” despite the reality that no one is more partisan than Obama.

During his entire presidency, reality has bludgeoned his worldview. Ideologically, he cannot change course or change policy. Psychologically, he cannot admit error and pursue another approach.

Words are all that remain. Lies, misdirection, altered definitions, threats, bold bluffs, polemical attacks, humor. All designed to enable Obama to stay the course and refute the reality that Obama is to blame.