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HRC: A Caricature of the Left (a photo essay)

If Hillary is the best presidential candidate that the Democrats can field, then the Democratic Party has proven itself thoroughly inept, corrupt, and ideologically bankrupt.

Weekly (if not daily) new scandals emerge (or are given renewed urgency), reminding us of Clinton scandals going back decades. The patterns of misconduct, denial, and cover-up continue apace into the 2016 election cycle.


The Clintons’ arrogance, sense of entitlement, and sense that they can get away with anything is astounding. Moreover, their lack of concern for the American People – or for America’s survival – is breathtaking for a First Couple who seek only the power to rule over, rather than represent, the People of this great nation.

In keeping with the idea that a picture speaks a thousand words, following are about 45,000 “words” (culled from the Internet) with a few actual words mixed in.

The Early Years

It is always good to go back to the beginning for context. Here are a few items from the past which most Millennials are unaware of.

Bill and Hillary – the real deal.


Highlights from one of Hillary’s legal triumphs.


Yes, Hillary was on the House Judicial Committee during Watergate. She was fired for unethical behavior.



The Clinton Administration

In 1993, New York Times Magazine profiled Hillary, calling her “Saint Hillary.”


Hillary defended her lying and adulterous husband by blaming a mythical Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.”


The Clinton Administration was beset by many other scandals which extended back into the glory days of Bill’s governorship in Arkansas.


The Obama Administration

During her tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary oversaw the demise of American political power and will (and the projection of weakness and chaos) around the world, at the behest of Obama.[1]

Hillary’s greatest achievement was racking up frequent flyer miles (at the expense of the American people).


Russian Reset Debacle

Blunder followed blunder. Consider the infamous Russian reset was ridiculed around the world.

BjLKuF9CIAABNBh.jpg medium



Terrorist Attack in Benghazi

Everything Hillary said about Benghazi was a lie. From the very beginning. Everything!






Having absolutely no empathy for America’s fallen heroes and their families, Hillary, amazingly, advocated for empathizing with our enemies.[2]



Dead Broke

Proving herself inept at foreign policy, she did so as well in the world of economics.

Hillary’s claims of being “dead broke” elicited laughter around the world.[3]




Hillary’s efforts to reinvent herself as a Woman of the People failed because 1) she’s a One Percenter who cannot relate to those beneath her and 2) she has no grasp of how the free market actually works (few socialists do).


Clinton Cash

Credible allegations of unethical and illegal behavior have arisen involving the Clinton Foundation.[4]



Private Server / Email Deletions

One of many scandals that will not go away, Hillary illegally maintained a private server for all of her government work and illegally deleted all her emails, whether work-related or not.







Speculations abound. Was Hillary’s private server set up for the express purpose of facilitating illegal activity being done by the Clinton Foundation? Did Hillary delete emails because there were smoking guns regarding Clinton Cash, Benghazi, and other potential political powderkegs and illegalities?



holberts 06-20 cartoon

Hillary for President

Hillary announced her 2016 presidential bid, not with a bang but a whimper. Or, rather, a tweet. She also tweeted instructions to her constituency which suggests they are too stupid to understand how bumper stickers are used.



People roundly criticized and mocked her campaign logo.







Rethinking 2016

Liberals (and conservatives) need to rethink their options for 2016.






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We Are All Parisians!

Last Sunday, most of the world (absent the Obama administration) stood in solidarity against Islamic jihad.

Headline: “Today Paris is the capital of the world.”

Father James Schall observed, “This is the French 9/11.

Millions tweeted “I am Charlie” and hashtagged #jesuischarlie.


It remains to be seen whether this Paris rally, with dozens of world leaders and millions of marchers, represents a watershed moment in our generation and a pivotal change in the West’s political and cultural zeitgeist.

Already this week, some Western leaders have backtracked on Islamic terrorism. Surprisingly, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has chosen to side with Islam. (First, it was the Nazis, now, the Jihadists?)

I Am Not Charlie Hebdo

While it is surely good to unify over a good cause (and defeating evil is always good), phony grandstanding and political opportunism can thwart that cause. Are these leaders and those marchers truly committed to vanquish evil? Or was it merely a “moment” to experience?

Just how courageous are legions of celebrities and anonymous Tweeters in spontaneously supporting this surge of condemnation against evil? Will their solidarity continue in the face of real danger?

Maggie Gallagher offered perceptive observations regarding who the real heroes are. She wrote:

“I am not Charlie Hebdo because that is not the right name. That is not a person, it is a magazine, and darn it, the heroes in this case have other names, especially Stephane Charbonnier, the editor in chief, who testified, ‘It perhaps sounds a bit pompous, but I’d rather die standing than live on my knees.’”

“No Stephane Charbonnier, it doesn’t sound at all pompous. Not today.”

“I am not Charlie Hebdo, in other words, because Stephane Charbonnier and his colleagues were heroes and I am not.”

“What have I done to deserve that title, to make that claim?”

“Tweeting ‘I am Charlie!’ does nothing to change the fact that I live in utter safety; Stephane Charbonnier and his colleagues did not die because they wrote ‘I am Charlie Hebdo,’ but because like the others on the al-Qaeda hit list, he and they dared to criticize the Prophet Mohammed.”

Let us apprehend Gallagher’s words and realize that now is a time, not for hollow words, but for bold action. We need to be engaged in combat – in one way or another – or today’s heroes will be tomorrow’s forgotten martyrs and victory will be ceded to an evil enemy.

Will we stand up, criticize and combat Islamic jihadism or will we, like the Obama administration, refuse to even name the evil which is charging through the gates of hell to unleash Armageddon upon the world?

We Are All Parisians

We live indeed in an ever-shrinking world with a burgeoning Islamic caliphate. No-go zones, cities, territories, and nations are held by Islamic jihadists who seek the imminent fulfillment of their Islamic utopia: a global caliphate.

Paris has joined the growing ranks of victims of Islamic jihad.

France, like many other western European nations, has contended with a large influx of Muslim immigrants who self-segregate in isolated enclaves, often establishing no-go zones and enforcing sharia law. Jihadism thrives in these environments. This is the end to which multiculturalism has led the City of Lights.

This is the path America and many other nations are on. We are all in the same boat.

America is becoming France.

Let’s stand in solidarity with the people of Paris and oppose Islamic jihad.

Benghazi-Paris Nexus

The nexus between terrorist attacks in Benghazi and Paris is stark. Both expose the flawed ideology, non-existent strategy, anti-Western sentiments, and self-absorbed leadership of the Obama administration.

Obama and his comrades have denied that these terrorist attacks were committed by Islamic terrorists. In the case of Benghazi, Obama created a false narrative of an amateur YouTube video inciting a demonstration which led to the attack. (Many of his comrades are now rushing to blame cartoons – and not Islam – for the motivating force behind the Paris attack.)


Both Benghazi and Paris disprove Obama’s narrative that al-Qaeda (and, by implication, every terrorist organization) is decimated and that the war on terror is over. He further claims that America is stronger than ever and the world has never been more tranquil.

Clearly, the war on terror is not over. Obama cannot create peace by fiat.

Nevertheless, Obama continues to promote his false narrative, which he intends to be his foreign policy legacy: the hero who ended two wars, unilaterally ended the war on terror, and brought peace to the world. (He is a Noble Peace Prize winner, after all.)

Hence his decision to boycott the historic anti-Islamic terrorism rally in Paris last weekend. To attend would have been to validate the purpose of that rally. To attend would have been an admission that Islamic jihadism is the enemy. To attend would have corroborated that his much-vaunted victory over terrorism was a sham.

Now, the Obama administration is engaged in a diplomatic cover-up for its foolish boycott. The snub seen around the world.

What that gaffe of biblical proportions reveals is the very same mindset which permeated the Situation Room during the Benghazi attack and which drove the false YouTube narrative during the presidential campaign.

A mindset which is focused more on ideology than reality. Which is willing to go to any extreme to promote its fanciful vision of the world. Which will allow brave men to die in Benghazi – providing no help whatsoever – to advance a narrative of peace and safety. Which will allow the world to converge in solidarity against the Islamist threat – providing no symbolic support whatsoever – to again advance that same narrative.

Leadership was absent during and after the Benghazi attack, just as it was absent when Paris became the capital of the world. Obama prefers to attend fundraisers, play golf, or watch football than do what a leader does: lead.

Benghazi and Paris are also emblematic of Obama’s pacifism. He does not have the cojones to fight. Benghazi proves that. Obama would not even defend marines under attack. And Obama would not even pretend to be interested in the war on terror. Remember, his false narrative – and his legacy – depend upon that war being over. Peace in our times.

This president and his administration are in denial. Their strategy of appeasement is an abysmal failure. And the world is going up in flames.

Obama: America is Stronger Than Ever

In his recent West Point commencement address, President Obama claimed, “America has rarely been stronger relative to the rest of the world.” The exact opposite is true.

Arguably at the nadir of his scandal-ridden presidency, with worldwide regard for America plummeting and America’s enemies proliferating in both quantity and capability, Obama desperately tried to change the narrative.

Surely we can evaluate America’s geopolitical strength “relative to the rest of the world” by how she conducts herself on the world scene.

Obama promised swift action to apprehend and prosecute the perpetrators of the coordinated terrorist attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi. He quickly jailed an innocent film producer for posting a YouTube video which had absolutely no connection with Benghazi.

Hundreds of girls were captured by Nigerian terrorists, putting human faces to the worsening global terrorist threat. To rescue those girls, Obama brought the full force of America’s might, employing hashtag diplomacy.

Responding to Putin’s invasion of Crimea, Obama basically said, “Don’t do it again.” Putin is doing it again.

Obama’s notion of national strength was well articulated in his administration’s Orwellian redefinition of leadership, “leading from behind,” which was first practiced in Libya in 2011 and is employed today with Syria.

At the onset of World War II, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill promised his people, “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat.” Churchill urged his fellow citizens to never give in, even in their darkest hour. Churchill’s statesmanship led his nation to victory.

In contrast, Obama continually claims victory (“al Qaeda is dead”) despite the reality that the terrorist threat to the world is greater than ever. His vision of the world is at odds with the reality that the rest of us face every day.

President Obama is not being honest with either the American people or himself. Moreover, his words and actions place America and our allies in ever-greater danger as he brags about non-existent successes and denies reality.

America is sorely in need of a statesman, not a partisan. Obama is no Churchill (or Reagan, for that matter).