DWTS and the New Sexual Revolution

Over the years, Dancing with the Stars has showcased some truly spectacular heroes: Noah Galloway and Nyle DiMarco spring to mind.

DWTS New Sexual Revolution

However, each season DWTS seems to get raunchier and raunchier, due, in part, to its sex-obsessed judge Bruno Tonioli. The libertine Tonioli recently choreographed a group dance in which the professionals and dancers repeatedly changed partners. In one segment, the dance partners – in intimate poses – were same-sex.

Headline: “‘DWTS’: Team Bruno kills it with ‘risky’ same-sex tango routine.” (The other judges agreed with that verdict!)

How far our culture has fallen! And how far are we from Judgment?

Tonioli said his dance routine was explicitly designed to send a message. That message: human beings (and human sexuality) are interchangeable.

No, they are not. The Hollywood Left continually pushes the boundaries of sexuality and diminishes monogamy. Indeed, monogamy almost seems taboo in Hollywood. They promote the notion that human beings are interchangeable, that serial relationships and one-night stands are normative, that standards and boundaries are nonexistent.

Our culture is permeated with sexually exploitative and sexually-numbing materials from magazines and advertisements to television shows and movies. Let’s not forget the Internet and social media. In all these forums and venues, traditional marriage and the ideals of purity and monogamy are dismissed or ridiculed.

“Traditional marriage” is called traditional for a reason. It’s roots are biological, cultural, and theological. In the Garden of Eden, God ordained marriage between a man and a woman.

As for sexuality, the Left’s version includes – and is in the process of codifying into law – scores of different sexual identities. The Left asserts an infinite variety and endless range of sexual possibilities. And it insists everyone fall in line and endorse those views. Hence these foolish controversies over bathroom laws.

In reality, human sexuality is binary: male or female. That is Biology 101. DNA tells us this! Moreover, Theology 101 informs us that human beings were created male and female. Not androgyny, not transgender, etc.


The Sixties Sexual Revolution continues to push the envelope, mainstreaming everything once regarded as taboo and upending the foundations of civilization. DWTS – as good as it can be and as good as it aspires to be – is part of the problem.

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