Jerusalem’s Jewish Roots Confirmed

Archaeology confirms the historical roots of the Jewish people as indigenous to Jerusalem and Israel.

Jewish Roots

David Weinberg highlights significant archeological evidence which verify the biblical accounts of the Jewish people entering the Promised Land and the establishment of the Davidic dynasty.

According to Weinberg, a recent archaeological find “by the Temple Mount is proof positive of the Jewish people’s deep roots in Jerusalem. It is reaffirmation of entrenched Jewish rights in Jerusalem.”

Weinberg offers a host of evidence in his article “supporting the historicity of the biblical kings David and Solomon, founders of the Judean dynasty,” the reigns of various Israelite kings, the recognition of Israel in various ancient inscriptions, and the Israelites crossing of the Jordan River.

Weinberg reaches an inevitable and undeniable conclusion – which will undoubtedly be denied by Leftists and pro-Palestinian activists: “The pedigree of the Jewish people in Jerusalem and the Land of Israel is rock-solid and well-embedded. Israel’s history and national identity are authentically and acutely anchored in Jerusalem.”


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