CPAC: Homegrown Terrorism is Greatest Islamist Threat

I asked Brigitte Gabriel, the Founder and President of Act for America, what the greatest Islamist threat is that America faces right now? She replied with two words: “Homegrown terrorism.”


She continued, “This is something that everybody walks around concerned about – what’s the next attack? We had San Bernardino and, after San Bernardino, people really started thinking: ‘Wow, this could have been my co-worker!’”

Heartless Terrorists

Speaking of the San Bernardino attack, an outraged Gabriel observed, “Here’s a co-worker that goes in there – at a Christmas party, no less, where we are celebrating love and gifts and the season of giving – to kill the same co-workers that gave him a baby shower the week before!”

In tune with a growing sense of urgency across this nation, Gabriel pointed out the chilling truth about this jihadi menace: “When you realize that we now have been infiltrated with cold-hearted killers that have no conscience, that have no heart, that have no values – or at least they don’t share our values – that’s the greatest threat right now.”

Even through the filtered lens of the media and denials by the government, Americans are well aware that they are endangered by radical Islamists intent upon their destruction. Combating jihadists in every sphere is crucial.

Consequently, Gabriel advocates for grassroots efforts to achieve national unity in combating this national, indeed, civilizational threat.

“Americans need to come together and understand how we can secure our community, how we can pressure elected officials to make the right decisions and pass the right bills to protect national security, and how our government can make the right decisions as a player in the global world that is now threatened by the rise of radical Islam worldwide.”

We Are No Longer Invulnerable

Our world in this 21st century is vastly different from the end of the last. Cutting-edge technology and social media have transformed the way we think and live. Travel and migration gave increased exponentially, and concerns over border security have reached new heights.

“Let’s face it,” Gabriel cautions, “We are no longer operating on an island. We are no longer separated from the rest of the world. Airlines, Internet, the way we travel nowadays, this is a different world from the world of the 1950s. So the enemies are coming here to our shores. They hold our passports, or they came here by a refugee visa, or they came by a visa they obtained at one of our embassies in any country around the world.”

Victory or Dark Ages

Therefore, warns Gabriel, “we have to be very careful, and our next president has to be very careful, in what contracts we sign with what countries, whether they have our best interests at heart. That’s why Americans have to make very important decisions coming up the next election.”

Indeed, Gabriel asserts, “the next election is an election about survival! It is no longer about [differing political points of view]. Right now, the decisions we are making for the next election is a decision about the survival of not only the United States but the survival of Western Civilization.”

According to Gabriel, Americans are presented with a stark choice between survival and destruction. She conveys a sense of urgency as she warns, “America stands as the vanguard, as the protector of Western Civilization. America is the superpower of Western Civilization and the next four years are going to be the deciding factor whether we survive as a nation and as a civilization, or we die and go back to the Dark Ages driven by ISIS.”

[This is the second in a four-part series. See Part I – “CPAC: Exclusive Interview with Brigitte Gabriel,” Part III – “CPAC: Islamic State Really is Islamic!” and Part IV – “CPAC: This Election is About Survival.”]


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