Why Christians Must Oppose Trump

Author, political commentator and evangelist Michael Brown sheds light on why Christians should oppose a Trump presidency.

Brown answers the question, “Should evangelical Christians support Donald Trump as the Republican candidate?” with a resounding No!

Christians Oppose Trump

Brown writes, “I do not see how we can if the Word of God is to be our guide and if it’s important to us that a candidate have a solid moral compass and a biblically based worldview – and I mean to be our president, not our spiritual leader, since we are electing a president, not a pastor or priest.”

Brown points out the maxim that one’s speech reveals one’s heart and, therefore, Trump’s heart is self-evidently worldly and corrupt.

Brown cautions, “We need a statesman, not an irresponsible flame thrower, and one can be a strong political leader who is cutting and fearless with words – think of Winston Churchill – without making a fool of oneself.”

Trump’s unseemly pride was not missed by Brown, who warned against “the sin that is often at the root of a host of other sins (Isaiah 14:11-15), the sin which God resists (James 4:6), the sin which leads to destruction (Proverbs 16:18).”

Brown adds, “Trump seems to have little understanding of what it means to ask God for forgiveness, while his very open, unashamed boastfulness is part and parcel of his persona. Trump and pride seem to walk hand in hand, quite comfortably at that.”

According to the prophet Obadiah (3), “You have been deceived by your own pride.”

Has Trump been so deceived? Trump supporters? Ourselves?


13 thoughts on “Why Christians Must Oppose Trump

  1. Orlando

    I agree that Trump might not be a Christian, and that he is not the best candidate for the evangelical crowd…nevertheless, our civic duty is to vote in the upcoming election. By staying home and not voting for Ttump is the equivalent of voting for Hillary. The next president will nominate a Supreme Court justice which will impact the laws of the land for a generation. Would you rather have Hillary nominate the justice or Trump? We have to pick the lesser of two evils. We complain about Obama and his perverted policies, but people failed to vote for Romney because he was a Mormon. I think people rather complain than cast their vote. We will never see in this country a candidate for president that will follow the bible. So get over it!

    1. BrotherWatch Post author

      If your two choices were Hitler and Stalin, would you vote for either?

      Moreover, non-voting is NOT the same as casting a vote for Hillary. If a million people vote, 500,000 for Trump, 500,000 for Hillary, and you do not vote, you have not given Hillary a vote. The “score” remains the same.

      Both Trump and Hillary are liberal Democrats. Both would nominate liberals to the Supreme Court. Same outcome; different party.

      1. Bruce Chowning

        If my two choices were Hitler and Stalin…I have a third choice: I would move to a different country. Fortunately that is not our choice…..our choice is between a known corrupt politician who habitually lies about important national business….one who leaves our soldiers to die then lies about it to their families….and a narcissistic business man who loves America…but is very crude. I call this a no brainer. Trump all the way. It does not violate my Christian values to vote for a man who will be at least twice as good as the one we have now….and 3 times as good as Hillary.

      2. BrotherWatch Post author

        Trump is a complete and utter fraud. He is not concerned with what is best for America; he wants what is best for Trump.

        A Trump presidency would be as bullying and unconstitutional as Obama’s has been. But it would have the imprimatur of both Republicans and conservatives (they are not synonymous terms). Moreover, Trump would have zero coattails, losing the House, Senate, and governorships. The conservative brand would be tarnished for decades.

        Trump is a liberal. He agrees with much of Hillary’s (and Obama’s) agenda. Where there are differences, I am not persuaded that he would fight. Indeed, once in office, he would most likely do whatever he wants to do, regardless of the will of the people.

        Does Trump love America, as you claim? Perhaps, in his own way. However, I think it more likely that he loves what he can do in America.

        See “Coulter Admits Trump is a Fraud” at http://wp.me/p4jHFp-cf.

  2. Lisa Disbrow

    I think Americans need to stand for our Constitution. If a candidate rejects the Constitution they should be rejected.
    Both nominees reject states rights, 1 and 2nd Amendments, support amnesty, will be thugs with power and full media support.
    I choose to be the loyal opposition.

  3. Mikey

    So if you choose neither then you are allowing everyone else to choose for you. Where is the logic in that.

    1. BrotherWatch Post author

      Trump has not yet won the nomination. Cruz has suspended his campaign, but still in the running. A contested convention would surely accrue to Cruz’s (and the nation’s) benefit.

      As for the general election, if a third party candidate emerges as a spoiler (or Cruz runs as an independent Republican candidate), and no candidate gets the required 270 electoral votes, then it would be up to the House to decide the election. That, too, would surely favor Cruz or another non-Trump “Republican.”

      If YOU vote for someone, YOU are endorsing them and adopting THEIR policies, their flaws, everything. You become RESPONSIBLE for the outcome.

      All I can do right now is proclaim the truth and pray for mercy.

      Sometimes we don’t get what we want but what we DESERVE. God raises up nations and He humbles nations. America is being humbled by God right now.

      See “The End of the American Experiment?” at http://wp.me/p4scHf-eZ.

  4. Sherman

    You self righteous evangelical listen to me. I’m tired of your dubious nature. I have seen more than 90%leaders commit adultery in and outside the pulpit. Shame on you. Read book of Mathews 7:1. Who gave you right to develop a machine to check out the Christian things on Trump.
    I completed my theological study from one of the theological seminary in the U.S. do not whoop me to pew out the secret.
    Think about Samsung God gave him last chance to smite The Philistines.
    Because of you leeches God raised a person like Trump.
    Let me tell you simple figure here.
    20million immigrants send home illegal money the tax evaded amount out side of the united States of America. Multiply it 1000$ monthly.

    Christian people steal money from working class American and buy their own Boeing travel around world live in a luxury hotels, do all kinds of sinful things.
    Only 5 in 100 do their job genuinely. The money that church steals from the people and States in the of charity is mind wrecking. By saying this I am not miniaturizing the significance of charity, but only trying to show why evangelical are afraid of the Trump.
    It’s high time, the evangelical prayed for Bush what happened he misled all of the American and waged war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya…….what is the outcome.
    Superpower does not mean to bully. Talk sense folks.
    You have no moral ground to talk against Trump. Why God chastized the nation of Israel? It’s because of the obstinate Jews. God is going to chastized Americans if you don’t choose Trump.
    I’m ready to make myself available for live talk show why God soften the heart of Trump this way.

    According to evangelical, he could lead a lavished lifestyle and have fun and pleasure himself with the world’s glittering things. Why he has to come to defend American people.

    When so called righteous people don’t have God personally appear they indulged themselves with lots of complacency. This was time when devil beguiled them with lies. Wake evangelical. It’s high time to pray for Israel, and Trump.

    1. BrotherWatch Post author

      Trump is self-evidently, manifestly, indisputably morally bankrupt.

      Ironically, you denounce bullying yet defend the biggest bully of them all!

      See “Bully Boy Trump” at http://wp.me/p4jHFp-cv.

      P.S. Thanks for raising the caliber of this discussion. 🙂


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