Why Veterans Must Oppose Trump

John Noonan provides a succinct and compelling case why American veterans – and all lovers of America and her Constitution – must oppose Trump.

Veterans Oppose Trump

Noonan notes Trump’s cowardice in the face of questions from Megyn Kelly and his many draft deferments. Despite Trump’s trumpeting of his alleged support for veterans, he has yet to provide it. Trump, Noonan notes, “wears veterans’ service like Kevlar, hoping the nobility of their sacrifice can shield him from the hostility of tough questions.”

In direct opposition to Trump’s New York values and statist beliefs, Noonan lists shared characteristics of veterans. Unlike The Donald, America’s veterans swore a sacred oath to the Constitution, vowing “to protect the rights and values enshrined therein.” We have no reason to believe Trump would keep his oath any more diligently than the current President.

Moreover, veterans “swore to uphold freedom of speech and the press,” “to protect religious liberty,” “to uphold the law,” and “to protect a society that values, above all else, human dignity and the equality of man.” None of these bedrock aspirations or commitments appear of importance to Trump, who would wield his own pen and phone.

Donald Trump is the ultimate anti-veteran, taking political advantage of the military ethos and American patriotism while forsaking the foundational beliefs of Americans and shunting aside the purpose of the military.

Therefore, Noonan argues, “veterans must oppose him because they all took an oath in defense of America, the Constitution, and the values Americans hold dear. Mr. Trump has made a mockery of those values. He must be defeated.


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