Bryce Williams – Domestic Terrorist Ignored by the Media

Bryce Williams committed an act of terrorism yesterday and the media refuses to call it such. Williams, a black gay journalist, murdered two white former co-workers because they were white and straight. Williams targeted them with deliberate intent for the specific political purpose of promoting his agenda, making this an act of terrorism.


[For distinctions between acts of terror and mass murders committed by madmen, see “Making Sense of Madness.”]

Remember, Williams executed two people as a vendetta with a political purpose. Williams perceived himself as a continuous victim of individual and systemic racism and homophobia. Seething with frustration and rage, Williams chose his targets, timed his attack, and used social and traditional media to maximum effect to get out his message.

His manifesto expresses deep admiration for mass murderers, such as Virginia Tech shooter Seung-Hui Cho, and he showed his desire to emulate them.

Blaming the Gun Instead of the Human Heart

Ironically, Williams, who sought to maximize coverage of his racial and gay agenda, has been dismissed as a mentally ill “disgruntled employee” and the Left has focused almost exclusively on gun control (which would not have prevented these killings).

Practically from the moment that this tragedy made the news, politicians and political activists leapt on the Gun Control as a Cure to Violence bandwagon. However, gun control advocates ignore the wealth of data while proves that gun control does not work even as they rebuff efforts to address the amply-documented mental health aspects of mass shootings. [See “Let’s Stop the Insanity Over Gun Violence.”]

Who is the Real Victim?

Claiming to be the victim, Williams victimized those he killed (Alison Parker and Adam Ward), their families, friends, colleagues, and all those impacted by this tragic act of terror. Further, Williams has victimized society itself, and corrupted the use of social media in a way previously unknown.

Raised in a culture which is obsessively politically correct, one which calls evil good and good evil, and which rewards irresponsibility while punishing the responsible, we should not be surprised that Williams (and countless others like him) succumbed to the victimhood mentality.

One perceived micro-aggression after another after another drove him mad.

Author Ben Shapiro writes:

“Had a white straight man killed a black gay man, released first-person tape of the shooting, and then unleashed a manifesto about being victimized by affirmative action and anti-religious bigotry from homosexuals, the media would never stop covering the story.”

Shapiro continues:

“But Bryce Williams’ self-described victim status, even while murdering innocents, will merit no rethinking of the divisive politics in which he apparently bathed. We won’t have a conversation about whether pushing a perennial picture of victimhood for blacks and gays in the most black-friendly, gay-friendly country on the planet could drive supposed victims to violence. We won’t talk about whether the Democratic Party’s takeover by the Black Lives Matter crew has encouraged some people to believe that only black lives matter, since only black lives are in danger – and even then, only some black lives matter, namely those killed by white people. Instead, we will be assured that Bryce Williams is an outlier by the same people who blamed Sarah Palin for Jared Lee Loughner shooting Gabrielle Giffords.”

Shapiro concludes:

“Teaching Americans that they aren’t victims would be a great way of battling evil – most victims aren’t evil, but virtually all evil people think they are victims, and thus justify their violence. But teaching Americans that they aren’t victims would undercut the Democratic message that all minorities are victims, and thus require bigger government. And that message, and its attendant political success, must take precedence over the building of a more inclusive, more understanding country.”

Some will question whether this is an act of terrorism. Remember, apart from his personal motives of revenge, Williams had a political motive – to start a “race war.” Others will question whether this act of terror was about race. Remember, Williams was race obsessed and he wanted to start a “race war.”

Let us remember that the real victims are the innocents executed in an act of terror by a madman with a racial and gay agenda.

Update: Williams not only extolled mass killers, he identified with terrorists. Williams was a terrorist!

2 thoughts on “Bryce Williams – Domestic Terrorist Ignored by the Media

  1. dltcy

    How this article quotes America to be the most black friendly country on the earth is beyond me. Of course that angle and the diminishing of black lives matter etc would be necessary for the slant this article has clearly taken. All lives matter. However when mass murder is occurring with no repercussions, naturally people will be outraged. Had a series of killings (by the police- who might I add have a duty to correctly represent and adhere to the laws of the country they serve) of people who were of Korean ethnicity taken place, their government would fight and persevere.. And even take physical steps to reach justice for the wrongdoings their citizen had faced. If the law makers, as such, cannot assess and attempt to change the current situation for black individuals, such as those addresses in this article, then what else is to be done? Should we roll over and allow a blatant injustice to be enforced upon our people not just once or twice.. But repeatedly. This is current and this is the truth. The killings continue and until they stop, campaigns such as black lives matter (who aim for nothing but equality in terms of not being shot in the face when being stop searched, or being held in a choke hold until their life ceases to exist anymore) will continue. We just want equality and to be safe, not to be persecuted, unfortunately this is not so. Opinions aside, countless present evidence proves this to be the case. Black lives matter exists because it has to exist. Plain and simple, I challenge anyone to read of Aiyana Jones or Eric Garner or Michael Brown or Sandra Bland (and the many more slayings) and say that it doesn’t have a purpose. Murder is wrong, plain and simple and that is all the majority of us want. Of course there will always be a minority who make fighting for a cause so much harder, simply by adhering to the stereotypes that face them. Also might I touch upon the blatant hypocrisy of the quotes used, regardless of colour a sufferer of mental health is a sufferer of mental health. There have been millions of occasions throughout the ages where an individuals mental state has been taken into consideration, thus affected the outcome of their sentencing. At the end of the day, this is a man who has committed a horrific act, we are all equal, death is not something an individual should have the power to enforce on another human being. Plain and simple. Very tragic to hear of the two lost lives, pretty certain they would not want their deaths used as a tool to slam an entire cause. This has happened countless times throughout the years, with the medias biased- and not quite- rose tinted glasses projecting propaganda to the masses. Just like a terrorist act being committed by a follower of Islam results in the whole being tarnished, questioned and looked upon. I write this comment with nothing but an open mind and hopes for peace between all races, all ethnicities.. For humans everywhere.

    1. BrotherWatch Post author

      Ironically, the Black Lives Matter movement really does not care about black lives. It is a political movement with a racial agenda which actually ignores most black deaths. The Black Lives Matter movement values some black lives (those killed justly or unjustly by cops) while dismissing or glossing over the preponderance of black deaths due to gun violence (black-on-black crime). If the Black Lives Matter movement truly cared about black lives, it would target Planned Parenthood, which was birthed by a proponent of eugenics to eradicate blacks and others its founder, Margaret Sanger, considered undesirable. Planned Parenthood has killed more blacks than slavery ever did.

      Moreover, Black Lives Matter does not really care about lives when it eagerly embraces the death of other lives – blue lives – the very ones (cops) who risk their own lives to keep black communities safe from thugs like Michael Brown. That BLM lionizes thug while vilifying cops and seeking their assassination shows the depth of moral and ideological corruption within that organization.

      The Black Lives Movement is sadly predicated upon a whole host of false premises which include the false notion that America is a racist nation replete with institutionalized white racism and white privilege. These false notions obscure the true cause of the dysfunctional black community in inner cities: failed liberal policies. This obsession with identity politics precludes the alleviation of the root causes of these dysfunctions.

      Ferguson and Baltimore erupted in violence due to the propaganda of liberal race mongers and the refusal of politicians and the electorate to address the real problems within the black community caused by fifty years of liberal policies.

      Instead of embracing the victim mentality and promoting a victim culture steeped in a false paradigm of black victimization, the Black Lives Movement would better serve its constituents by speaking the truth and enabling the victims of the welfare state to lie their lives in freedom.


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