Making Sense of Madness

In recent weeks, several mass shootings have grieved the heart and captured the consciousness of the nation.

In Charleston, NC, a devastated community responded with forgiveness and compassion in the wake of a heartless attack by a white supremacist in the historic Emanuel AME Church. In Chattanooga, TN, a Muslim jihadist targeted and killed five members of the military. In Lafayette, LA, a madman sought to emulate the Aurora, CO, movie theatre massacre.


How are these tragedies alike and how do they differ? The answers may surprise you.

Charleston, NC

An extremely rare and isolated act of terrorism by a white supremacist made national news because it was so rare[1] and so tragic.

The family and local community gave an epic Christian response: forgiveness.[2]

In contrast, far-left radicals launched a campaign of cultural genocide, seeking to eradicate every vestige of Confederate culture from American history and contemporary America. First, eliminating the Confederate battle flag, then toppling Confederate statues and robbing Confederate graves. Even America’s Founders are under assault. (Thomas Jefferson? Really?)

Despite the fact that white supremacy is virtually non-existent, many on the Left exploited this tragedy to convict all whites (especially conservatives) of racism. The Left has done this for several decades, redefining terrorism[3] as exclusively conservative in nature.[4] Christians have even been accused of being terrorists.[5]

Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga, TN, is now the site of a classic case of ISIS-inspired Islamic terrorism in America’s homeland, this time targeting the American military.

With ample information to classify this tragedy as a terrorist attack by an Islamist, the Obama administration and left-wing media remained in denial, blaming everything but the terrorist’s radicalization as an Islamist as the motivation for this attack.

While the media is eager to taint evangelical Christians[6] and conservatives[7] with the terrorist label,[8] they are loathe to identify actual Islamic terrorism[9] as terrorism committed by Islamists.

As noted in Front Page Magazine, this ideological bias pervades the media and the intelligentsia:

“We’re now at a point in the history of Middle East studies wherein ‘scholars’ of the region deny the obvious, ignore the infamous, and offer apologias in their never-ending effort to protect Islamists from the consequences of their actions while blaming the West for all the world’s ills. Just when the West most needs insightful policy advice guided by expertise, it receives instead propaganda in the guise of scholarship to support its enemies. Seldom has any academic discipline so failed its duty.”

But for the intervention of a security guard, it is likely that many people would have died at the hands of Islamic jihadists who sought to strike terror in the midst of a Draw Mohammad Contest in Garland, TX.[10]

Lafayette, LA

In Lafayette, LA, a man with a long history of mental illness sought the death of innocents in a movie theater.

Strikingly, some in the media immediately leapt to the conclusion that the shooter was a Tea Party member motivated by conservative, anti-government ideology, despite distinct parallels with shootings in Aurora, CO, and elsewhere – shootings committed by individuals who were mentally unstable.

Ironically, the media wanted to ignore the mental instability of this shooter and call him a conservative, while ignoring the Islamist motivation of the Chattanooga shooter and ascribe mental illness as the source of his rampage. (In what way is a movie theater is connected to the government?)

Instead of addressing the shooter’s mental illness and previous outbursts of violence (and seeking ways to prevent their escalation to mass violence), the Left, again, targeted guns.

Comparisons and Contrasts

All three attacks were acts of evil.

Only two were acts of terrorism. The first was an extremely rare instance of white supremacy, while the second falls into a pattern of Islamic jihad which is all too prevalent overseas and increasing here in our nation’s homeland. In both instances, the terrorists committed terrorism to pursue an ideological agenda.

Madness (not ideology) was at the heart of the third attack.


Date City/State Killed Injured Perpetrator
6/19/15 Charleston, NC 9 1 White supremacist
7/18/15 Chattanooga, TN 5 2 Islamic jihadist
7/23/15 Lafayette, LA 2 9 madman


All three killers obtained guns legally[11] (though at least one lied on his form and another apparently procured a weapon through Obama’s Fast and Furious program).

All three shootings occurred in gun-free zones (even crazy people have enough sense to go to gun-free zones.)

In all three instances, the knee-jerk first response from the Left was: gun control.[12] More gun control would not have prevented any of these events from transpiring. (Hint: it’s not a matter of physical objects – guns – but a matter of the heart.)

Practical solutions to minimize these sorts of mass shootings include the proper enforcement of existing laws, adequately addressing mental health issues and ensuring those issues are linked to background checks, detecting those who are radicalized to Islamist ideology, and countering Islamic ideology with the truth.

Moreover, a dynamic counter-terrorist strategy overseas would dramatically decrease the threat of domestic terrorist attacks committed by jihadists. Col. Oliver North argues that the success of ISIS overseas breeds recruitment here in America and the West, and, therefore, “If you want to stop this problem right away, decapitate [the snake]. No safe haven for any of them”[13]

Not to be neglected, we should all beseech our Father in heaven who was worshiped by those believers in Charleston – the source of their forgiveness – to protect us and bring sanity back to our nation. Let us be a people responsive to God’s will as He searches our hearts.

Update: Nashville, TN. An off-duty police officer prevented a deranged man from committing what at first appeared to be attempted mass murder in yet another mall movie theater – in a gun-free zone – on August 5, 2015.

Update: Roanoke, VA. Vester Lee Flanagan II (aka Bryce Williams) executed two former colleagues and issued a political manifesto – an act of terrorism by a madman – on August 26, 2015.

Update: Roseburg, OR. Chris Harper Mercer conducted a massacre at the Umpqua Community College (UCC) campus, following in the footsteps of Flanagan. Multiple reports show that he deliberately targeted Christians. We will hear little about this assault against Christians by a mentally disturbed, half-black immigrant – a profile which does not fit the preferred media narrative.

The President’s call for “common-sense gun control” should be heeded by the Left! Make it easier for law-abiding citizens to get guns, aggressively tackle the mental health issues related to gun violence, arm security personnel, and reconsider the efficacy of “gun-free zones.”


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