Identity Lost: PC Trans-Racial Politics

The escalation of Leftist identity politics continues apace with, first, Bruce Jenner’s alleged transformation into a woman (DNA does not lie) and, then, the discovery that a white NAACP leader has been masquerading as a black for many years.


The root causes of these cultural phenomena lie in the 1960’s countercultural revolution, which stripped the nation from its cultural moorings, replaced objective truth with moral relativism and situational ethics, and gave birth to a nation of narcissists, beginning with the Me Generation.

Now a new generation, seeking to find itself, has lost its identity.

Having removed common sense from the vernacular, anything truly goes.

Katherine Timpf writes, in National Review:

“The white woman who spent years portraying herself as black – doing so with an elaborate deceptive scheme that included wearing dark makeup, telling people that her adopted black brother was her biological son, claiming that one of her black friends was her biological father, claiming that her biological father was a Marine who was almost murdered three times by ‘white subordinates’ because they were upset that he was black and held a superior position, saying she would be ‘nervous’ about attending a Tea Party rally because there would be so many white people there, and even allegedly telling a Hispanic student that she could not participate in a classroom activity on race and culture because she looked too white – apparently never could have anticipated getting caught and/or that people would be mad if she did.”

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