CPAC: It’s in the Cards

Who says being an American patriot can’t be fun?

CPAC exhibitors offered an astonishing assortment of information and products. One practical and enjoyable product – Constitution Cards – is educational and quintessentially American.


Feeling patriotic? Want to celebrate American liberty? Let’s play some cards.

The designers of these playing cards, Robert and Matthew Sanchez, were “born and raised in Southwest Miami.” Their father, a Cuban exile, “came to this country in 1960.” He taught his children “that the United States of America is the greatest country on this planet.”

The Sanchez brothers discovered a fun way to teach their children about the Constitution. They created a deck of playing cards – The Official American Standard Playing Cards – which are truly American in concept, design, and purpose. This deck can be used as “a tool to teach children and parents alike the Enumerated powers of congress and the Bill of Rights.”

Their mission: “We at The Official American Standard Playing Cards™ believe the foundation of this Nation is strong. Our mission is for America to have her own playing cards, while sowing seeds of liberty.

Following is a flyer which describes the cards and their meanings:

handout flyer

Interview audio: Matthew Sanchez clip 1, clip 2, clip 3.

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