CPAC: Ted Cruz in Control

Senator Ted Cruz wowed crowds yesterday, at Liberty University, as he announced his candidacy for President, just as he had done a few weeks earlier at CPAC, where fervent supporters championed Cruz and his constitutional conservatism.


A Time magazine profile described Cruz as “the Platonic ideal of a Tea Party legislator and just maybe the man to lead the GOP out of the Obama era.”

Time added, “It’s not only that Cruz is good on God and guns. Or that he’s blessed with a bootstrap tale, Hispanic heritage and rhetorical gifts that complicate every liberal story line about conservatives being rich or racist or dumb.”

During yesterday’s announcement, Cruz spoke of “the promise of America,” revealing facets of his childhood and family life previously undisclosed. He addressed the transformational nature of both the Christian faith and the American Dream. And he imagined a reformed and vivified America culture freed from the tyranny of a government no longer restrained by constitutional imperatives.

At CPAC, Cruz echoed similar themes. Cruz emphasized the need for our nation’s leaders to walk the talk, to actually be people of principle.

Cruz said, “I had a former boss who used to say, ‘If I’m ever accused of being a Christian, I’d like there to be enough evidence to convict me.’ Now that is powerfully, powerfully true, and it is equally true of being a conservative.”

Sen. Cruz’s five top agenda items for America:

  • “Repeal every blasted word of Obamacare.”
  • “Abolish the IRS. Take all 125,000 IRS agents and put them on our southern border.”
  • “Stop the out of control regulators.”
  • “Defend our constitutional rights. All of them.”
  • “Restore America’s leadership in the world as a shining city on a hill.”

Just as many students at Liberty University cheered wildly as Cruz spoke, so, too, there was enthusiastic support for Cruz at CPAC, both during his speech and as many followed him from interview to interview.

Neal Mehrotra, from Cornell University, summed up his support for Cruz: “I support Ted Cruz for three very straight-forward reasons. First, is that he understands the Constitution; the second, that he’s faithful to the Constitution; and, third, he’s willing to fight for our constitutional rights.”

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2 thoughts on “CPAC: Ted Cruz in Control

  1. Tony Tomasino

    Let me see if I have this right. Democratic turnout down 25%, Republican turnout up as much as 110%. Many realize what’s happening in these open primary states, and know the votes won’t be there for trump in the general election. Do you really think there will be a 110% increase in voter turnout in the general? No, Democrats will run back to hillary, and Trump if he is the nominee will get clobbered. That coupled with the fact the media loves the clintons, they will pound trump into powder. The RNC needs to get used to President Ted Cruz, or the party as you know it will be in tatters. That’s just the way it is. So I suggest to you to have a sit down with Ted. I would also suggest to undecideds, to please give Ted Cruz another look, it’s the only way we will beat trump and hillary.

    1. BrotherWatch Post author

      Trump is either a plant designed to aid Hillary, or he’s simply a liberal who thinks it’s easier to run as a Republican than to challenge Hillary in a primary.

      If either Trump or Hillary win, America (and conservatives, Constitutionalists, Christians, veterans, law-abiding citizens, liberty-lovers, etc.) loses.

      At this point, Ted Cruz – who is a Christian and a Constitutionalist – is our best option!

      See “Cruz Defies Expectations” at


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