CPAC: Roman Genn – Solidarity for Liberty

With the Paris terrorist attack fresh in our minds,[1] celebrated caricaturist and acclaimed Soviet dissident Roman Genn spoke of the nexus between courage and liberty.


At CPAC, Genn highlighted the threat posed by both Islamic jihad and compromise with evil.[2] The truly heroic – like the cartoonists at Charlie Hebno who knowingly risked their lives in the face of death threats – should be applauded. In contrast, he noted the easy courage of some who tweet or post on Facebook anonymously, without risk, and consider themselves courageous for doing so.

Genn also criticized Republicans for compromising and failing to live up to their principles and ideals. Instead of caving in to political pressure, “It’s time for us to be Republicans first.” He emphasized, “It’s time for the Party to give us a reason to be Republicans first.”

The GOP’s tame response to appeasement[3] from the White House[4] augurs ill for America’s immediate and future safety and security.

In an interview, Genn spoke of the Paris terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo, the courage of its satirists, and the failure of the artistic community to emulate their bravery.

Calling the attack “a horrible, horrible crime,” Genn praised the victims for their courage, saying, “they had guts and they died for it. They knew what they were getting into. It wasn’t a surprise for them.”

Speaking of – and to – the artistic community, Genn said, “Unfortunately, we’re not supporting them with our art. We’ve just exhibited some demagoguery and wore some T-shirts and did some lame drawings instead of drawing Mohammed like they did,” adding that the artistic community should create Mohammed caricatures “out of solidarity with” those courageous victims.

Speaking from experience, Genn argues that lovers of liberty should never back down from tyranny or terrorism. Rather, “When things like this happen you have to show support by” doing what those heroic victims did. In doing so, we “mainstream” courage and demonstrate fearlessness.

Genn added, “Unfortunately, our cartooning community did not exhibit those principles and did not exhibit bravery that our French colleagues did.”

The same could be said for most leaders in the Western world who appease Islamists out of cowardice or fear.[5]

Audio clip:


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