CPAC: Musings on a Great Conference

CPAC 2015 was fabulous!

(Please pardon my delay in publishing my observations. I won’t bore you with the details.)[1]


This four-day event catered to the needs of all in attendance. It was jam-packed with information and activities, making it impossible for any one individual to experience CPAC in its fullness.

Everyone left the conference with something of value. In the coming days, I will share with you some of my experiences and those things which were of value to me.

In “Living Free,” I share with you what I regard as the most important five minutes spoken by a speaker at CPAC.

Most GOP presidential contenders spoke at CPAC. “Ted Cruz in Control” spotlights Cruz.

Acclaimed Soviet dissident Roman Genn spoke of the nexus between courage and liberty.

Many speakers and panelists addressed “Obama’s Foreign Policy Anarchy,” includes interviews with John Bolton, Allen West, and Dan Bongino.

Enterprising patriotic entrepreneurs offered products suitable for the conference. “It’s in the Cards” showcases a Constitution-based American Deck of Playing Cards.

A fascinating interview with David Silverman, President of American Atheists, is presented in three parts. In his interview, Silverman expressed fear of a looming GOP theocracy (“Conservative Atheists Fear Theocracy”), denied America’s historical Judeo-Christian roots (“America’s Christian Heritage Denied”), and proffered a moral equivalence between Islamic terrorists and Christians (“Alleged Christian Terrorists”).


[1]               For those of you seeking boredom, many factors conspired to cause this delay. My laptop was unavailable for use during the conference. Several church commitments had to be fulfilled. And personal matters arose. Oh, well. Life goes on.

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