Propaganda Kills

Orwell’s Big Brother would be proud!

Anarchy has been termed democracy in action. Rioting, looting, and arson have been termed components of free speech. And murder has now been called justice.

Yesterday, two innocent New York City police officers were assassinated by a racist thug who is himself a victim of propaganda. The officer were not “executed” – execution implies they were tried and convicted of a crime.


On Fox & Friends this morning, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani said it is “shameful” that politicians are using propaganda to separate the community from the police.

former NYPD commissioner Bernie Kerik blames the race hustlers, claiming that they “have blood on their hands.”

Indeed, they do.

Remember, the meme of “hands up, don’t shoot” is a racial myth! It never happened. yet it has been used to justify all manner of injustice and to foment racial division.

The racist cop myth is being used to disguise the real causes of legitimate grievances within the black community: fifty years of failed liberal policies.

NYC Mayor de Blasio’s policies have allowed protests to turn into anarchy as “protestors” call for the death of cops. The “protestors” got their wish.

Fox News contributor Peter Johnson actually equated police officers turning their backs on de Blasio with the step-father of Michael Brown calling for Ferguson to be burned to the ground. Johnson said that both were “emotional responses” to their respective situations.

Wrong answer. One was a peaceful show of disagreement with the mayor, the other an out-of-control call for mob violence.

“Dead cops!” Apparently only “black lives matter.” Cops of any color do not. And those who contend that all lives matter are condemned, shouted down, attacked, and killed.

Nevertheless, with anarchists in the streets and violence overtaking America, President Obama contends that we are in the midst of a “healthy conversation” about race.


Every single investigation into the Ferguson shooting – including the exhaustive federal Justice Department investigation – exonerated Officer Wilson and determined that the Hands Up, Don’t Shoot narrative was a lie.

Even though this false racial narrative – this myth – has been proven false, many media, political, and cultural elites continue to promote this false narrative and attack those who expose it as a fraud.

That false racial narrative plays into the fears of those who are race-obsessed or who have been indoctrinated into believing racial stereotypes, which is ironic given they accuse others of racism.

5 thoughts on “Propaganda Kills

  1. Henry Mc Guirt

    I like your train of thought. I’m waiting on an article fully listing the organizers of the vast majority of the unrest. I recognize that leftists have nothing to offer Americans, so this perpetual victim/grievance model gets trotted out regardless of the subject. There is never “news” in the mind of . Leftists. Everything fits a prescribed narrative…cold, hot, wet, dry…global man-made climate change, and so on. Anyhow, be of good cheer. You’re doing a public service. Happy New Year!

    1. BrotherWatch Post author

      I remember reading a piece on the “protestors” (National Review?) which claimed that those involved in the current riots are virtually the same as the Occupy Wall Street miscreants of a few years ago. They are certainly using Saul Alinsky tactics,, agitation, division, violence, intimidation, tearing down society, attacking authority (cops) which they do not control – subversion before conquest – to fundamentally transform America into their desired utopia (if they’re even thinking that far ahead). Some of them are just anarchists and nihilists.

  2. Helen Higgason

    Since, Obama has been in office, there have been more racial unrest, than any other time, except perhaps in the sixties, but there seems to be more HATE from the blacks, than ANY time that I ever recall, especially the police officers, they are trying their very best to kill as many as they can, and I say; Get them before they get you , the ones that are dirty , ignorant, immoral , idiots!!!!!!

    1. BrotherWatch Post author

      Do not “Get them before they get you.” Rather, stand up for the truth, expose the racial hoaxes for what they are, imprison those who break the law, support efforts to control and eliminate crime, and address the real problems of dysfunction within the black community: decades of liberal policies which have created dependency upon government and fostered both a sense of entitlement and a sense of victimization within the black community.

      Self-defense is, of course, still legal.


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