Ferguson in Flames

The world erupted into flames last night – or at least that portion of the world known as Ferguson, Missouri.


Rioting and vandalism all in the name of “justice.” Justice?

I think not.

Truth eludes these rioters and their supporters. Emotions prevail over facts and reason. Propagandistic lies have been accepted as truth.

And violence ensues. Innocent people hurt. Property destroyed.

In the name of “justice.”

For these rioters, “justice” means acquiesce to their race-based agenda and endorsement of their perceived racial grievances. “Justice” means assuaging guilt by emotion. (Why are we guilty for their behavior?)

And the indoctrination by the mainstream media continues unabated.

But, blacks are not victims of a fictitious “institutionalized white racism” and presumed “white privilege.”

Some blacks are victims of a fifty-year-old War on Poverty and a welfare state which has become the new plantation – created by Democrats who treat them as children. The paternalistic state gone awry.

The welfare statenot white racism – has created generational poverty, generational broken homes, and a cultural of dependency justified by allegations that blacks are victims of white racism and the legacy of slavery.

Consequently, perceiving themselves to be victims, many feel entitled to whatever they can get from the government, becoming dependent upon that government. With it, comes rage against the injustices they perceive have been perpetrated against them. And with that comes a culture of irresponsibility.

Victimhood, entitlement, dependency, irresponsibility.

We can add jealousy and greed; jealousy of what others have and greed for what they don’t have.

Many have bought into the propaganda espoused by Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, MSNBC, and other liberal media outlets. They have become caught up in the emotions, trapped by the alleged racial grievances. They are despondent or enraged.

(Anyone looking to Sharpton for leadership deserves to be deluded.)

Some people sport “I Am Mike Brown” shirts, actually identifying with a thug who, while on drugs, attacked a police officer after robbing a store.

As for the police, they have been cowed by the racial grievance industry and fear of the rioters. The police have adopted Obama’s pretend-you-have-balls strategy against aggressors, refusing to respond to the rioters, the vandals, the looters, the arsonists, those who urge violence, and those who perpetrate it.

Perhaps Eric Holder was right. Perhaps we are a nation of cowards – for not speaking up against the Eric Holders and Al Sharptons of this world and for not speaking the truth about the dysfunctional black community.

The dysfunctional black community (or any dysfunctional community of any race or ethnicity) must address its dysfunctions from within. It is culture, not race. Change the culture and you will change the outcome.

Don’t blame whitey. Take responsibility. Root out bad behaviors. Inculcate good behaviors.

Reward right behaviors and right values. Disincentivize bad behaviors and wrong values.

Return to traditional values and Christian mores. Be proud and grateful to be an American.

And please – pleasereject Obama’s big government, paternalistic, race-obsessed, socialistic “solution” to problems he and his ideology created in the first place.


Every single investigation into the Ferguson shooting – including the exhaustive federal Justice Department investigation – exonerated Officer Wilson and determined that the Hands Up, Don’t Shoot narrative was a lie.

Even though this false racial narrative – this myth – has been proven false, many media, political, and cultural elites continue to promote this false narrative and attack those who expose it as a fraud.

That false racial narrative plays into the fears of those who are race-obsessed or who have been indoctrinated into believing racial stereotypes, which is ironic given they accuse others of racism.

3 thoughts on “Ferguson in Flames

  1. erictb

    Reducing the problems of “many” blacks to just wanting “freebies” and thus not having a work ethic, values, etc. is not only a broad overgeneralization, but also perpetuating age-old stereotypes. Many people protesting are the working class, and not these “welfare” people everyone focuses so much on. Welfare people are not the only ones in danger of what is being protested. (The current protests are not even about poverty!)
    And “truth and reason” do not always favor one side. No one has such a lock on truth like that. Both the Left and Right have agendas, and are neither all good or all bad (and thus the cause of ALL problems such as this). Everyone has high emotion in issues like this and skews reality to justify themselves or demonize others.

    For one thing, conservatives have been claiming to be “victims” a LOT (—of all these people getting these “freebies” off of them, while ignoring the real powers getting and controlling the money), and have been even louder about it. Everyone thinks they’re “entitled” to things.

    This whole “culture not race” notion is basically demonizing largely the same group of people under a different premise (and one that this time, any given individual can cross out of, but it does still end up tagged on a “race”, that contains this large group of people deemed as “victims, entitlement, dependent, irresponsible, jealous” etc, and thus only wanting “freebies”, and thus not up to “par”). If the left is so wrong to “hustle” race through generalizations, then trying to throw more generalizations back at them is only perpetuating the problem.

    1. BrotherWatch Post author

      Some “generalizations” are more accurate than others. It is not blaming blacks to say that the liberal agenda has decimated the black nuclear family and created a culture of both victimization and dependency. Any group of people – irrespective of race – would follow the same direction. The point is to correctly identify the problem – which conservatives diagnose more accurately than liberals – and then solve the problem.

      Race-mongering, riots, arson, violence, and murder exacerbate the problem and actually distract us from the solution.

      1. erictb

        But I think this particular generalization is a bit of an overgeneralization. And even though it is being redirected toward white liberals, a lot of people do still end up spewing all this anger at the black “community”, for being so [all those terms used] and not just the youth (that’s who’s mostly the issue), but also everyone else, not correcting them.
        So we end up with this mass blame, that these “takers” are getting ALL the money in society (at the hand of the liberals), and that’s where we really begin going off track. The problems are a bit more complex than that.

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