GOP Triumphs Despite Voter Fraud

GOP Triumphs Despite Voter Fraud

In a stunning, historic election wave, the GOP seized control of the Senate, consolidated its control over the House, and expanded the number of Republican governors.

A Washington Times headline captures the spirit of the event: “Landslide: Republicans capture Senate and prized governorships.” The Blaze trumpeted: “Republicans Seize the U.S. Senate.”

The Huffington Post’s one-word headline – “OUCH” – speaks volumes. (The “O” is Obama’s trademark symbol.)


Competing Analyses

Conservatives and liberals naturally disagree over the causes and portents of the wave.

A Rush Limbaugh headline described one news outlet’s aversion to the election results: “CNN Covers Potential GOP Victory Like an Invasion from Mars.”

Forbes blamed the President. One headline, “Republican Victory Is A Rejection Of President Obama.” Another, “Victory For The GOP: It’s The President, Stupid.”

The Washington Post blamed Democratic campaign strategies and messaging – not policies and real-world realities – for GOP victories: “Inside the Republican win: How Democratic infighting, missteps helped the GOP.”

Slate acknowledged Democratic defeat, explaining “Why the Democrats Got Massacred.”

While many conclude that the GOP was given a mandate to counter very unpopular Obama policies, the New Republic contests that viewpoint: “Election Day’s Biggest Lie: GOP Victory Will Be a Mandate.”

Election Irregularities

Given these substantial GOP victories, New Republic is wrong. Despite the “mainstream” media being largely in lockstep with Democratic Party positions and candidates (and refusal to cover major Obama administration scandals), the Justice Department’s obsessive opposition to voter ID laws (and refusal to investigate major Obama administration crimes), many voting irregularities, some voting machine malfunctions, and outright voter fraud, this election remains a repudiation of Obama’s ultra-liberal policies, foreign and domestic.

It’s surprising how often the Chicago politics-style phrase “Vote early, and vote often” appeared on the lips of Democrats, even the President, who said, “Because early voting runs through this Friday, you don’t have to wait until election day. You can vote all week! … I mean you can only vote once. This isn’t Chicago now.”

Results from a Cooperative Congressional Election Study (CCES) show that a large number of non-U.S. citizens voted in 2008 and 2010: “based upon extrapolations from the portion of the sample with a verified vote, is that 6.4 percent of non-citizens voted in 2008 and 2.2 percent of non-citizens voted in 2010.” That is a huge figure!

Lax voting protocols in states like New Hampshire almost ensure voter fraud will occur. There, anyone can same-day register and vote with an affidavit in lieu of documentation proving “your identity, your citizenship and your domicile.

In Chicago, yesterday, some voters received incomplete ballots which “did not contain five statewide referendums up for a vote in Illinois — two of which are constitutional amendments and will become law if they pass and take effect immediately.”

Several states had voting machines which changed votes from Republican to Democrat (but not vice versa).

One voting machine in Texas left off the name of the Republican gubernatorial candidate.

Yet, despite these manifest violations of the integrity of our voting system, Republicans still succeeded at the ballot box, suggesting that many Americans are saying, “Dude, Obama was like six years ago. Time to move on now.”

10 thoughts on “GOP Triumphs Despite Voter Fraud

    1. BrotherWatch Post author

      Sadly, for decades, we have drifted away from the Constitution and the rule of law. Trying to reverse course must be done, but it will not be easy. We need to teach school children the Constitution and the real history of America’s founding, not the Common Core propaganda.

      1. mtman2

        Either that or; It’s “The Brave New World” straight ahead.
        I choose God+country as Founded by the Wisest men to live since the Apostles;
        in the the very long dark history of mankind’s past, this Wisdom was gifted us to hold dear ~!

  1. winchester1300

    My Dog is a Registered Democrat…

    The other morning, I shaved my dog’s a$$, taught him to walk backwards, and took him down to register as a Democrat.

    At first the lady said, “Dogs are not eligible to be Democrats.”

    So… I explained to her that my dog is lazy, unemployed, of mixed race, can’t speak English, sleeps all day, licks his own genitals, $hits everywhere, humps other male dogs, he has no clue as to who his daddy is… Also, he expects me to feed him and provide him with free housing and medical care.

    So she looked in her policy book to see what it takes to be a Democrat…

    My Dog was registered as a Democrat…

    So, I took him down to vote, I showed the monitors his registration papers and they let him vote… Turns out he voted Republican!

    My dog is a lot smarter than most Democrats 🙂

  2. bob…..There are really 3 problems I see in how the authors presented their findings which make them very misleading.
    1) The authors make it appear that 6.4% of the sample voting electorate were non-citizens. This is NOT the case. Let’s look at 2008. The authors say 6.4% turned out to vote. This is only 6.4% of the 339 non-citizens they say are listed as registered voters, NOT 6.4% of the entire sample of voters which total 32,800. So to put this into a more accurate (less misleading) context we take the 2008 “adjusted estimate” from their chart and divide it by the total sample 32,800 which comes out to 0.0006 or 0.06%. This means that non-citizens supposedly voting made up ONLY 0.06% of the total sample. This is even less in 2010, sitting at about 0.01% of the total were supposedly voting non-citizens.

    2) They don’t even know how many of these “registered non-citizens” voted. By their own admission these are “best guesses”.

    3) Then they take those non-citizen estimated turnout percentages (already misleading) and apply them to particular races 2008. This, in of itself, is a very questionable application of the data because it makes the assumption that a significant portion of those non-citizens who voted lived in either North Carolina or Minnesota in 2008. The problem is that the total sample number (32,800) are a NATIONAL sampling, not samples taken in one state. To put this into perspective, for 2008 only 21 out of 32,800 people were supposedly voting non-citizens. That is 21 PEOPLE spread out across the nation. Most likely these non-citizens who supposedly voted were 1 in Texas, 3 in California, 2 in Minnesota. HARDLY significant.

  3. Cal

    There were no “voting irregularities” whatsoever. And that study you cite so gleefully about non-citizens supposedly voting has been discredited already.

      1. mtman2

        Yeah, the light of day on any Far-Left program/plan/agency/mindset-etc and it crumbles,
        they’re like cockroaches!
        If a Dem/Lib/Prog= Socialists- lips are moving they are lying or just another Useful-Idiot repeating the party-line and commie mindset, always anti-God and anti American ~!

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