Fences and Flight Bans: Obama Denies Americans Protection

Condoms are seemingly the only protection liberals care about. Forget about fences along the border or flight bans from Ebola-ravaged countries. Instead, the one protection they focus on – and want to teach our first graders – concerns sex.

When polled, Americans consistently want secure borders – with a fence. They overwhelmingly support a travel ban. Both are commonsensical approaches to keeping unwanted people and diseases out of the country. It seems that We, the People, have more common sense than our representatives.

But liberals do support a fence – for the President. Why not for the rest of us?


In 2011, Obama mocked the GOP for wanting a fence along our southern border, saying “Or they’ll want a higher fence. Maybe they’ll need a moat. Maybe they want alligators in the moat. They’ll never be satisfied.”

An actual fence will do just fine, Mr. President.

Israel has a fence. And it works!

Why not build one of our own?

Open border liberals, globalists, and like-minded individuals don’t care about American sovereignty – which should be the number one priority of the federal government. Instead, they encourage an influx of illegal aliens, all the while nonsensically proclaiming that “the border is secure.”

The arguments against a travel ban don’t work either. Obama and the CDC claim banning flights from Ebola-stricken countries would only increase the number of Ebola victims coming to America. (They surprisingly never use that argument with guns. J)

They also claim it will be easier to track Ebola victims if they come directly from Ebola-plagued nations instead of surreptitiously through other countries. Haven’t they heard of passports, visas, and computers?


Basic logic seems foreign to this White House. If you want to stop the influx of illegals entering the United States, secure the border. Contain the problem. Then deal with those who are already here.

Similarly, if you want to keep America secure from overseas contagions, prevention is preferable to tracking. Why risk the rapid spread of Ebola in America instead of containing it overseas? It’s called a quarantine. Dozens of nations (including neighboring states in Africa) have already done so. Are they smarter than us? Apparently so.

(But the Left would have you believe that we’re racist! Huh?)

The commonsense policies of erecting a fence at the border and putting a travel ban in place are anathema to those whose responsibility it is to protect us. Ask yourself: Why won’t they protect us?

1 thought on “Fences and Flight Bans: Obama Denies Americans Protection

  1. patriot girl

    Why won’t they protect us? Simple: depopulation and the New World Order. If you’re not prepared, you better get prepared real quick. FEMA camps and forced “vaccinations,” anyone? No one stood up to this POS “president” and now it will all come tumbling down.


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