Columbus Rediscovered

Columbus Day celebrates the life and work of a godly man and a seminal event in world history. Oregon recently renamed this federal holiday “Indigenous Peoples’ Day,” either totally missing the point of Columbus or rejecting a key event in American history.

Columbus should be honored for his accomplishments, but instead, many on the Left ridicule and besmirch this man who changed a continent and a world for the better.

A debate on Saturday’s Cashin’ In highlights the cultural divide in America.

Juan Williams offered the countercultural position: “The reality is that there was a country[1] here and that we owe a great debt to, in fact, our native American population and that’s part of our history. That is part of our collective identity.”[2]


Columbus Worth Celebrating

In his rebuttal, Jonathan Hoenig observed, “Christopher Columbus was a great part of that progress that Juan referenced. Christopher Columbus brought the Western ideas, brought technology, brought the future to North America. He is someone worth celebrating.”

Hoenig then made an important point missed by most addressing this holiday: “I just hope we can stop this business of classifying everyone by their race, or by their tribal heritage. We’re all Americans in this country and that’s worth celebrating.”

Sadly, the bean counters[3] and race hucksters[4] insist upon equalizing and leveling all identities and all achievements, but in doing so they must first bring down those who have been most successful and redistribute their achievements to others.

It may shock some cultural relativists, but not all cultures are equal. In fact, some cultures are superior.[5] But for the multiculturalists, America is neither good[6] nor exceptional.[7] Hence the continual assaults on Columbus Day. They have a severely impoverished view of America and a hostility to American tradition. (Ditto, for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.)

Columbus’ Christian Faith

Columbus was a devout Catholic who sought to evangelize those he encountered in his journeys. According to Christianity Today, Columbus “brought the Christian faith to half the world.”[8] “Because of Columbus’s voyage and the resulting Spanish evangelistic efforts, Latin America has a higher percentage of professing Christians than that of any other region in the world.”

The Christian Post observes, that “Columbus’ voyage was certainly the most memorable maritime enterprise in the history of the world.’” As noted by the Post,

“Columbus named the places he landed in a way reflective of his Christian faith. These include the first island (in the Bahamas) ‘San Salvador,’ i.e., ‘Holy Savior.’ Other lands he named are ‘Trinidad,’ i.e., ‘Trinity;’ ‘Vera Cruz,’ i.e., ‘True Cross;’ ‘Navidad,’ i.e., ‘Christmas.’”

Instead of denigrating a holiday dedicated to the life of a great and godly man who literally changed the world and brought salvation to untold millions, we should credit both his motives and accomplishments. Anything less is to diminish a seminal event in our history and to deny the providence God provided America through this man and in subsequent generations.


On Columbus Day itself, Fox News contributor Bob Beckel demonized Columbus – and then denied doing so. First, Beckel diminished the accomplishments of Columbus, saying,

“he had guts to get on three boats and just go straight out. What do you think, you don’t know if you’re going to hit something. But just keep in mind, Christopher Columbus did not discover America. The Vikings did. That’s irrefutably proved now.”

Those who dismiss Columbus like this fail to realize that the Viking’s discovery had no impact on the world. Columbus’ discovery did.

Beckel continued: “The truth is, this land belonged to Native Americans. And we treated them terribly. We put them in reservations. We destroyed a lot of them, because we brought diseases here. The fact is this story has never been told very well. We always pass over it. But the fact is that Europeans, white Europeans, almost completely destroyed indigenous species.”

Columbus did none of the atrocities Beckel cites. None! Co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle responded:

“But everything is Christopher Columbus’s fault, who died as a pauper and never even was able to profit off of what he discovered. He made four trips to this country. This is a guy who was doing his job. … Now he’s become the devil?”

Beckel asked, “Who was it who said that Christopher Columbus was responsible for doing that to the Indians? Who was it?”

Guilfoyle: “You just said it.”

Beckel: “I did not. I certainly did not.”

Guilfoyle: “You just said…”

Beckel: “No, I did not say that.”

Guilfoyle: “This is the causal link that you tied together, Bob. It came out of your mouth.”

Causal links are a prominent pejorative technique of the Left.


[1]               Williams’ Use of the word “country” is wholly incorrect. There was no preexisting “country” prior to the establishment of European colonies in the New World.

[2]               The native American population is a part of our history, but Columbus Day celebrates an event pivotal in human history which ignited colonization of the New World and gave rise to the birth of America, which, in turn, has since prospered the world. Columbus deniers ignore or decry America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and besmirch her European origins. Multiculturalism insists that though all cultures are equal, Western Civilization is somehow not quite so equal. Indeed, multiculturalists eschew Western Civilization and castigate it whenever possible. America’s “collective identity” includes people of all races, cultures, and tongues, but her founding identity was principally British Christians and merchants.

[3]               See “Identity Politics Is the Problem” at

[4]               See “Ann Coulter Takes on the Racial Grievance Industry” at

[5]               The world would be a far different place – far worse – if America had never been born. America’s innate goodness, compassion, and generosity have been a fount of blessings for most of the world. These things should not be despised, nor should the source of those blessings which originated with God and were extended through the nation he prospered to greatness. Check out Dinesh D’Souza’s America.

[6]               See “Obama’s America – Fundamentally Flawed” at

[7]               See “American Exceptionalism is in the Eye of the Beholder

[8]               For an in-depth study of Columbus, his faith, and the fruit of that faith, see


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