American Exceptionalism is in the Eye of the Beholder

(The Sixties Coulter-Culture is Alive and Well and Seeks to Fundamentally Transform America into its Long-Sought Utopia)

For most Americans, the United States has been a force for good in the world (albeit imperfectly). To them, “American exceptionalism” speaks to the best that America has become, to the American can-do spirit which is both resourceful and generous, and to America’s reliance upon a providential God who has mightily blessed her.


For others, particularly those embracing the Sixties’ countercultural ethos, “American exceptionalism” epitomizes the dark side of Americanism. For them, America has not been exceptionally good or constructively influential but, rather, exceptionally evil, creating the chaos that we see in the world at this very moment.

President Obama’s Vision

Hence President Obama’s determined zeal to disengage America from the world, to – as author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza suggests – constrain America and its own self-interests rather than constraining the evil which would destroy us.[1]

For those who think like Obama, America is the problem, not the solution. For them, America should retreat from world affairs.

Obama and those who agree with him are wrong in a number of ways. First, America has truly been a force for good in this world, particularly when it has sought both God’s righteousness and His blessing.

Second, no matter how much they deny it, evil exists. Evil exists to do evil. Evil will never be satiated.

Third, retreating from evil never works. Evil will never be appeased. Retreat merely leaves a power vacuum in which evil can enter and thrive. Obama’s leadership vacuum is directly responsible for many of the worldwide crises so evident today, especially the empowerment of ISIS.

Obama views America as fundamentally flawed, hence his calls to fundamentally transform America. Thus, he offered “hope and change” and other Orwellian clichés. The Obama administration first denied the existence of a “war on terror,” them redefined terrorism, arguing that the real terrorists are American patriots. Even now, he opposes so-called “right-wing terrorists” more than he does Muslim jihadists.

Failing to recognize evil where it does exist (all the while believing real evil only exists in America), Obama resists accepting undeniable comparisons between Vladimir Putin and Adolf Hitler.

Wanting to believe the Russian “reset” worked, that his continuing world apology tour strengthens America, Obama actually claims “America is stronger than ever!

Unconcerned with what is best for America, Obama swapped five jihadist leaders for one deserter, and he created the chaos on our southern border due to his failure to grasp the meanings of simple terms like “citizenship” and “national sovereignty” and a diminished or jaundiced view of what it means to be an American.

As a direct consequence of his worldview and his foreign and domestic policies, President Obama has succeeded in fundamentally transforming America and the world.

Obama’s success derives in no small measure from a compliant media and political leaders who are in agreement with his worldview and also the employment of a wide variety of propaganda techniques, including Orwell’s infamous Newspeak.

Steve Deace on Newspeak

In an excellent Townhall commentary, Steve Deace shows how the counterculturalists of the Sixties have redefined basic terms, adapting timeless meanings to suit contemporary purposes. His entitled his essay, “The American Exceptionalism Dictionary,” presumably to suggest that – were words to mean today what they have always meant – we would not be in the many predicaments in which we find ourselves today.

Deace highlights four particular terms which have come to mean the opposite of what they once did, using Webster’s 1828 definitions as a foundation.

Rights” were once based on law and conformity to an accepted “human standard of truth, propriety or justice” but have become entitlements, primarily based upon one’s membership in a particular aggrieved group (racial, ethnic, gender, etc.).

Laws” were once objective, established, and applicable to all but are now evolving, subject to the whims of judges and politicians.

Morality” was once based on settled moral or spiritual principles which were considered absolutes, whereas moral relativism has become so exalted that “morality” is now defined as “An ancient word used only by those on the wrong side of history.”

Tolerance” once meant openly permitting a belief or action without constraint, but now requires “acceptance, validation, and participation in that which you don’t agree with.”

Fundamental Transformation

President Obama has transformed America and the world through, in large measure, through his rhetoric and, as highlighted here, his redefinition of words which were once objectively understood but now are subjectively misappropriated.

Deace concluded his column with two paragraphs worthy of including here:

“God, the ‘governor of the universe’ as ‘father of the Constitution’ James Madison referred to Him, spoke the universe into existence with mere words. Words declared our independence from tyranny. The redeemer of wayward mankind is literally the Words of God made flesh.”

“There is a reason those who plot to undo American Exceptionalism have worked so hard to capture the language. And we won’t preserve liberty for future generations until we take it back.”

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[1]       Dinesh D’Souza, Drive at Five, WMAL, 8/25/14.


2 thoughts on “American Exceptionalism is in the Eye of the Beholder

  1. 2bn3mr

    Even the label they used or their ideology has been “transformed” from its original meaning. Today’s “liberals” are in reality progressives, the original ideology of fascism in America. Google “Classical Liberalism” (no quotes) and the definition you see will be one that describes our founding fathers in many ways and today’s “liberals” in almost no way, at all.


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