Flags Depict Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America and the World

Flags Depict Obama’s Fundamental Transformation of America and the World

Presidential candidate Barack Obama promised, “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

President Obama has kept that promise, though in ways we never would have imagined possible. Who could have imagined the depth of Obama’s impact on America – and American interests – in so many areas: politically, economically, culturally, militarily, and geopolitically?

In recent months, we have witnessed a series of crises overseas, many of which are a direct consequence of Obama’s foreign policy (or lack thereof). A growing confluence of scandals at home and abroad instill distrust in the president, his policies, his intentions, and his character.

The news has featured a variety of flags of late and these offer a visual narration of the impact of Obama’s foreign and domestic policies.

Burning American Flag in Scorn

Pro-amnesty protestors burned the American flag while shouting “Fu*k America! Fu*k America!”


Contrary to the Supreme Court, for most Americans, flag-burning is not protected “free speech” and desecration of the American flag displays an utmost degree of contempt for the nation it represents.

Under Obama’s leadership from behind, America’s image abroad has radically deteriorated, as evidenced by pro-amnesty protestors on the border seeking open borders while desecrating the American flag and denigrating America herself.

Obama’s denial that America is exceptional, and his continual exaltation of other cultures and countries above are own, encourage disrespect. As he embraces the world’s values and traditions, he unilaterally opens wide the doors for those peoples and cultures to partake of American affluence – against the will of most Americans.

What do we get in return? Chaos on the border. Activists demanding amnesty as a right. And contempt from those making those demands.

White Flag of Surrender

Pranksters placed white flags of defeat atop the Brooklyn Bridge


Just days ago, American flags over the Brooklyn Bridge were replaced with white flags of surrender, apparently symbolizing Obama’s capitulation to America’s enemies.

Across the globe, from one country to the next, one crisis to the next, Obama’s strategy of leading from behind, of eschewing action for diplomacy, of dithering while Rome burns, has led to the escalation of violence worldwide, chaos in once contained nations and regions, the strengthening of our enemies, and relational deterioration with our friends and allies.

ISIS’s Flag of Death

ISIS is literally changing the map of the Middle East, planting its terrorist flag wherever it goes


The world as we knew it is gone. Our victory and peace in Iraq is vanquished and the borders of Iraq are being redrawn. Afghanistan may soon follow suit. Islamic jihadists are overrunning huge swaths of the Middle East and northern Africa. And this is only the beginning.

Obama’s six-year outreach to the Muslim world has failed. Indeed, new storms constantly arise in the Arab Winter he inaugurated. America is hated now more than it ever was. An American president who has defended Islam at every turn – while disrespecting or curtailing Christianity as opportunities present themselves – is causing the United States to reap what he has sown.

Communist China’s Red Flag

Michelle Obama danced with and waved Communist China’s Red Flag


President Obama famously refused to wear American flag lapel pins or to say the pledge of allegiance. The First Lady’s exuberant waving or – and dancing with – the flag of Communist China evokes many thoughts and emotions best individually reflected upon.

But consider the optics of the President and First Lady in disrespecting what Americans revere and revering what the enemies of America revere.

Democratic Party’s Wrong Flag



Flag confusion reigns among many liberals. The DNC celebrated Flag Day with an official tweet using a non-American flag. Who were they honoring? America? Illegal aliens?

Gay Flags Over U.S. Embassy

Gay pride flag flies over US Embassy in Tel Aviv

There has been a seismic cultural shift during the Obama presidency. From the dramatic growth of government, spending, and intrusion in the daily lives of ordinary Americans, to the acceptance of chronic conditions of unemployment, welfare, food stamps, and other aspects of the Nanny State, to a continuation of the culture wars from the 1960s.


Obama one certain victory is in the exaltation of homosexuality.


Palestinians Reign in Paterson, New Jersey

Palestinian Flag Flies Over American Flag in New Jersey

Is America being Islamicized by a president who courts Islam and brushes off Christianity?


As reported by Tea Party Crusaders:

“New Jersey residents in Paterson are not happy about Mayor Jeffery Jones’ public participation in the city’s recent Palestinian celebration at City Hall.

“Apparently, Palestinians gathered to raise their flag in what was the second ceremony commemorating their fight for statehood. During the event, Jones raised the flag as a symbol of ending peace talks with Israel last month.

“’We can assure you we will not get tired until Palestine is a free, independent , and democratic state,’ Somaia Barghought, Palestine’s adviser, told the United Nations.”

Update: With the Supreme Court’s recent legalization of gay marriage, another flag was added to America’s history. See “America – Lost in a Fog of Immorality and Tyranny” at http://wp.me/p4scHf-aL.


The White House also cloaked itself under LGBT lighting.

CIeGkShVEAArTfJ.jpg large

Update: In celebration of the Iranian deal, the White House again draped the People’s House in colors, this time Iran’s! See also See “Reclaiming America!” at http://wp.me/p4scHf-9V.

CJ-dAB2UsAA2NS-.jpg large


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