Word Police Targets Illegal Immigrants

The Word Police are now going after illegal immigrants – not the criminals but the description.

In the process, they are showing their true – un-American – worldview.


Progressive columnist Sally Kohn’s Fourth of July column, entitled, “The ‘i-word’ is un-American,” makes a mockery of national identity and suggests patriots are unpatriotic. Indeed, perhaps patriotism itself doesn’t even exist as a positive quality in her mind.

In her astonishingly thoughtless column, Kohn likens the terms “illegal immigrant” and “illegals” to racial slurs or gay epithets. Never mind that those terms have no pejorative connotations and that they accurately describe the legal status of the people involved – illegal.

Have we gone so far downhill that we now consider anyone who enters our nation – legally or illegally – “Americans?” Some people obviously do.

For many people, national sovereignty, national identity, American exceptionalism, what it means to be an American – these all have little meaning or relevance. For them, these concepts only exist as talking points to obscure the real issues and fool the electorate.

Kohn’s Confusion

Kohn writes:

“Once upon a time, the n-word and f-word were utterly acceptable terminology in undermining not only the basic rights but basic humanity of black people and gay people. That those terms seem radically inappropriate and out of step with mainstream culture now is only because social movements and legal and political changes have shifted the landscape. But make no mistake about it, words matter, not only in reflecting certain dehumanizing attitudes toward historically marginalized groups but in actively perpetuating and rationalizing that dehumanization.”

Yes, words do matter. Kohn is doing a disservice to the English language as she tries to conflate several issues and legitimize people who are in America illegitimately. How is it dehumanizing to call someone who entered the United States illegally “illegal?”

Kohn concluded:

“Today, most people find the n-word and the f-word incredibly offensive. Let’s hope that most if not all people will feel the same way about the words ‘illegals’ and ‘illegal immigrants’ in the not too distant future.”

Does the truth offend? Removing the rhetoric does not remove the reality. “Illegals” remain illegal.

But that is the goal – eliminate the words describing their behavior and then legalize the behavior.

Illegal Aliens

The description illegal accurately defines their status.


There is nothing offensive about using the term “illegal.” It is accurate!

My own issue with the term “illegal immigrants” is with the word “immigrant.” Illegals are not immigrants. They have not even begun the immigration process. They are aliens. Foreigners. Not citizens or legal residents of the nation. Aliens.

“Illegal aliens” is a far more accurate term, one that has been used since the dawn of nationhood. But it has bit the dust due to the PC Word Police.

Political correctness transformed “illegal aliens” to “illegal immigrants” to “undocumented workers” and other euphemisms – all to deny the reality that people who are invading our borders are doing so illegally and they are aliens.

Illegal aliens are not “Americans,” they are not “citizens,” they are not “undocumented workers,” and they are not even “immigrants.” They are aliens who are here illegally.

Until we get the terminology straight we cannot correctly solve the problem.


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