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Papal Fallibility on “Palestine”

Catholicism’s doctrine of papal infallibility certainly does not extend to politics, with Pope Francis’ recent remarks in Israel proof positive.

As the New York Times reported, “Pope Francis inserted himself directly into the collapsed Middle East peace process…” In doing so, the Pope displayed a glaring misunderstanding of the political and religious history of the region and the dynamics of the conflict in Israel.

Joseph Farah wrote that Pope Francis is “on the wrong side of history and truth, at least when it comes to the well-being of Israel.” Farah noted, “There’s nothing Christian about appeasing evil. And that’s what support of the Palestinian state pledged to ethnic cleansing, violence and bigotry is and always will be.”

In a follow-up column, Farah explained why there is no Palestinian state and how the Palestinians intend to ethnically cleanse any territory they possess. The Pope, however, engaged in moral equivalency, even suggesting that the Israelis are to blame for the absence of peace in the region.

In “The ‘People’s Pope’ tries to appease the unappeasable,” Diane Sori observed:

“Repeatedly saying he backed the Palestinians statehood goal, Pope Frances, who could have prayed anywhere during his visit to the West Bank, calculatingly chose to pray at Israel’s rightfully placed and so needed separation wall … the one that keeps the barbarians from blowing up innocent people in Israel … chose to pray at a section where ‘Free Palestine’ was scribbled on the wall … and also chose to call the recent halt in the peace talks ‘unacceptable.’”

As Sori well knows, the Palestinians seek not peace with Israel but the death of Israel. Sori continued:

“Pope Frances, on the final stop of this trip, arrived in Israel where he pulled out the best of the accepted politically correct words and called for a ‘just and lasting solution’ so that Israelis and Palestinians may live in peace. Saying Israel deserves peace and security ‘within internationally recognized borders,’ while the Palestinians have a ‘right to live with dignity and with freedom of movement’ in their own homeland.”

The erroneous notion that Israel is the “homeland” of Palestinians and not Israelis stems from the Pope’s flawed grasp of Mideast history and geography (as Farah explained in his second column). From that false premise, the Pope has constructed a final solution to violence in Israel.

But the “just and lasting solution” Pope Francis seeks cannot emerge under the constraints he constructs. Those alleged “internationally recognized borders” would require Israel to – again – give up land for peace. The “freedom of movement” he proposes for Palestinians would give Palestinian terrorists free reign to terrorize and destroy Israelis – which is exactly what they have dedicated themselves to doing.


To achieve peace, the Palestinians must first utterly and irrevocably renounce violence and accept the right of Israel to exist. Anything less is an existential threat to every Jew living in Israel.