Putin = Hitler? Yes!

Prince Charles was recently criticized for accurately comparing Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler.

Although Putin has not (yet) engaged in massive ethnic cleansing as Hitler did, even a cursory examination of Putin’s words, actions, and goals invite comparisons with Hitler.

What kind of a person as Putin proven himself to be? We know that Putin is ruthless, aggressive, and power-hungry. Putin cites the law while breaking the law, using rhetoric of peace to disguise his militaristic intentions. He has engaged in territorial expansion in the past as he seeks to re-establish the Russian Empire.

Hitler’s Strategy

As Prince Charles alluded to, Putin’s annexation of Crimea dramatically mirrors Hitler’s annexation of Austria. A recent documentary, Nazis: Evolution of Evil,[1] presents a chilling account of Hitler’s modus operandi. Consider how closely it mirrors Putin’s own approach to achieving his goals.

  1. Hitler annexed Austria peacefully – bringing Austrian Germans into the Reich – “against all international agreements, yet Britain and France do nothing. … Hitler has taken his first step to his Greater Germany without bloodshed.”
  2. Having seized Austria, Hitler entered Czechoslovakia, which had a large German population along its border, an area known as the Sudetenland.
  3. Hitler’s expressed goal was to unite all Germans in one country.
  4. The Czechs resisted. Hitler claimed the Germans were being persecuted by the Czechs.
  5. Pro-Nazi agitators in Czechoslovakia stirred up unrest.
  6. Hitler mobilized troops to “defend” Germans in Czechoslovakia.
  7. Hitler urged voting in the Sudetenland and, later, annexed the country.
  8. Hitler’s territorial acquisitions continued as he sought to rule the whole of Europe and Russia.

Putin’s Plans

Open Democracy asks an important question: “With Crimea under the control of Russia’s military forces and its Moscow-backed government voting to secede from Ukraine – all achieved under Russia’s pretext of protecting the Russian population there – the question arises as to whether, and where, President Vladimir Putin could seek territorial expansion next?”

Putin’s imperialistic designs remain unabated and, as yet, unchallenged. And the West appears resigned to defeat.


[1]               Nazis: Evolution of Evil, episode 5, “Preparing for War,” American Heroes Channel, http://www.ahctv.com/tv-shows/nazis-evolution-of-evil.

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