CPAC 2014 – More Libertarian Than Ever (with photos)

A broad spectrum of conservative thought was on display at CPAC, ranging from Tea Party patriots and social conservatives to libertarians and RINOs.

Apart from its roster of politically heavyweight hitters featured at CPAC, the organizers appeared to cater to libertarians, avoiding certain crucial areas, such as key social issues, national security, foreign policy, and immigration. For a number of years now, the high ground has been yielded to libertarians over conservatives, prompting some to suggest CPAC be renamed LPAC.

One striking aspect of CPAC in recent years is its growing cadre of libertarians with its ever burgeoning number of youth attending the conference. The statistics tell the story.[1] This year, the line for Rand Paul’s book signing was the largest at the event, significantly over-flowing the designated area.

If CPAC represents a microcosm of the Conservative Movement, then libertarianism is in the ascendancy. However, the Tea Party was well represented and both visible and vocal at the conference, suggesting the battle for the soul of the party[2] – and the direction of the country – is not yet set in stone.

Photos: 1-3) Daniel Borchers, 4) CPAC



[1]       See Anna Giaritelli, “Ideology chart shows just how libertarian CPAC has become,” Rare, 3/11/14,

[2]       See Frank James, “CPAC’s Conservative-Libertarian Split Could Be Hard To Bridge,” GPB News, 3/7/14,

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