CPAC 2014 – Just for the Fun of It (with photos)

CPAC was likened by a number of critical (liberal) sites as a circus,[1] and, at CPAC, amidst the political heavy hitters with carefully-calibrated messages, there was an amusing carnival-like atmosphere in many areas of the conference.

Left-wing bloggers view the various conservative and libertarian political positions themselves to be the circus, whereas the festive atmosphere present was for entertainment – as well as making political statements. (Who says conservatives have to be stuffy?)

Blogger Ana Marie Cox wrote, “CPAC is still very much a circus [with] sideshow acts like Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter,” but she proffered hope that “someone in the movement is trying to put the clown car in reverse.”[2] Note that Cox seemingly views conservatism itself as clownish.

Mini target ranges are a perennial favorite at CPAC, which has also become accustomed to costumed historical figures like George Washington and Patrick Henry. I was pleased to see my Tea Party friend, William Temple, again. He must be one of the most photographed patriots in history.

How Money Walks featured a retinue of Star Wars characters.[3] The War on Youth booth[4] invited attendees to arm-wrestle body builders in a fight for America’s youth. (Shockingly, I won, but I suspect the results are rigged.)

In radio interviews, CPAC Chairman Al Cardenas expressed a desire to exclude these humorous (non-serious, theatrical) elements from future CPAC conferences. That would be both a loss and a shame. Moreover, I’m sure the continually growing percentage of young attendees which CPAC caters to would disapprove.

Enjoy these photos from CPAC! J

Photos: Daniel Borchers


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[2]       Ana Marie Cox, “CPAC 2014: maybe the Republicans aren’t so insane after all,” The Guardian, 3/7/14,

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